Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Morning

Good Morning!

So, let's see. All in all, I had a pretty fun weekend. I got to go to Gia's class on Saturday morning which was fun and then I taught at Breath Body that afternoon. I want to make another small commercial for the Saturday afternoon class that Desirae has started at Breath and Body Yoga. SHe is calling it a "karma class" and she has put it on the schedule to provide a place for the group of Anusara Yoga Teachers-in-Training to teach Anusara Yoga. Now keep in mind, that almost everyone who is that training program with me is a trained and seasoned teacher and so it is not that they are learning to teach yoga, just that they are adding some of the Anusara Yoga methodology to their bag of tricks. My hope is that the local Anusara Yoga community of teachers and practitioners will support this class and support these upcoming teachers and support Desirae's vision of an Anusara Yoga program at Breath and Body by attending this class regularly. It is a donation-based class.

So on Saturday we had a super fun time there. We worked with hip opening and seating the femurs as well as getting a really strong shoulder loop going in preparing for natrajasana. I think the sequence worked because so many people were able to reach back and get their foot behind them.

We worked a lot with urdhva muka svasanasa to prep for the deeper bends which is pretty big work. For years I have been on a mission to get the bhujangasana's I see to be better aligned and I think that a lot of progress has been made on that front. Consistently, when I teach now I see that the majority of the people in class have their pelvis down, their arms back, their shoulder loop happening, etc. Now I think it is time to really get some work done on urdhva mukha svanasana. Seriously, it is time to help people out of reverse shoulder loop. I am ready! (let's hope everyone else is.) So we made some progress on that on saturday.

All right, so yesterday I spent the morning practicing with Gia. I met her at Bodhi Yoga and we commandeered their new practice space. They have added a new studio and did away with retail area. (I wonder where all the clothes went? Did I miss the sale?!) Anyhow, I brought in some chairs and we worked on scorpion pose which was fun. Here is the photographic evidence of the experience.

Speaking of Gia- she and I are gonna lead a practice on Saturday afternoon from 3:30-6:30 at The Love Yoga Coop. We are calling it a shakti-shop (instead of a workshop. Okay, I stole the name from Darren Rhodes, I admit it, but I know he wouldn't mind!) so come a play and feel the POWER. Plan on great music, fun flows, some arm balances, back bends and some deep forward bends. Spread the word.

All right then- today Kelly and I are going to take a trip to San Marcos, I plan to do a little paddling while we are there and then back for Peggy's class. I have a mountain of work to do but i got through the first big part of it- now I just have to outline some anatomy curriculum, revise and update some Teacher Training plans, sketch out program descriptions for about 8 different events, get my schedule updates online, submit several applications to Anusara Yoga, Yoga Alliance, TWC, respond to a bunch emails, have a few phone conferences, etc. etc. etc. Funny, people think teaching yoga is just standing in front of the room. The hours of administrative work at times is staggering. The time in front of the room is really the least of it. Not complaining, I enjoy my work, but wow, there are always projects and tasks looming.

All right, time to get on with the day.

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