Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I had a great plan for my day yesterday that involved and accupuncture appointment, Matt's Ashtanga Class and Peggy's Advnaced Iyengar Yoga Class but I woke up and found myself in The Tent and so I changed my asana plans considerably. I still went for accupuncture, then had lunch with Kelly and then did a little shopping and ame home to lay on bolsters and organize my closets. (My version of the Red Tent involves nesting.)

I have very few profound things to write about today so I thought I would use this to give a few commercials for some up and coming fun events.

This weekend is the Southwest Yoga Conference right here in Austin, Texas. I am teaching two classes there. On Friday from 2:30-4:30 I am teaching an all-levels back bending class called The Shrine of the Heart. (also our own Craig Williams will be giving a talk on Saturday about the Cave of the Heart which will be a great philosophical and support for this asana practice. He is presenting at 10:30-12:30 on Saturday at the conference.) On Sunday I am teaching a rockin' inversions and arm balancing class called Inside Out and Upside Down from 2:30-4:30. So join me for this weekend. It promises to be a great time.

John Friend is coming to Town November 14-16th! He is going to be teaching asana on Saturday and Sunday and he is going to give a talk and have a kirtan with Dave Stringer on Friday night. Those details are getting finalized but reserve the date in your mind so that you can be part of the fun.

Carlos Pomeda is coming to The San Marcos School of Yoga December 6-7. Plan on a full weekend of teaching on The Bhagavad Gita. He will teach both morning and afternoon sessions and I will offer an asana practice on the breaks (for a donation) so we can move and integrate the teachings into our bodies. The Gita is considered a fundamental text and is crucial for understanding the history of yogic philosophy and practice. This is going to be a great weekend. Those of you who have been in the Immersion with me have gotten a chance to watch Carlos on video but he is even better live. Please join us for that. Registration details to come ASAP. (Plus rumor has it that Craig is going to teach a Gita course in '09 at YY and also Douglas Brooks' book on the Gita is coming out in '09 and so wow, think of the depth of knowledge you can get in the next year on this text alone!)

Also, don't forget that the first week of December in Tucson is Immersion 2 with me and Darren. This Immerison is perfect for anyone who has done PArt 1 and for anyone who wants to take a week to go deeper into asana and philsiphy. Darren and I are emphasizing asana in our Immersions and are dedicated to helping people make leaps and strides in their asana practice in one week. Come and play with us. It is going to be fantastic. Plus that Immersion includes a weekend with Paul Muller-Ortega which will be mind-blowing.

In 2009 I am offering an Immerison and Teacher Training program in Corpus Christi, Texas. This 200-hour program meets the standards for Yoga Alliance and all classroom hours count toward Anusara Yoga certification. The dates are outlined in the workshop column to the right and if you call or email Michelle she can get you more information and answer questions. We have 18-hour weekends planned with visits from Craig for Yoga Therapy, Mantra and Ayurveda and perhaps from Manorama for Sanskrit Studies. Yippee and Yahoo. Perfect for new and experienced teachers.

All right, more later. The commercial break is over.

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