Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Satya, Ocean of the Heart, Asteya, The Kula

I got an email from a teacher asking me if I wanted the night off Tuesday because she wanted to pick up some classes. I was kind of shocked that someone was soliciting classes, but I just responded saying that I love to teach my classes and only miss them when I absolutely have to. And I really do love my classes.

Monday night at San Marcos School of Yoga always has a special place in my heart because when we first began classes here we started them with Monday night and so many of the people in the Level 2 class were the inaugural members of the School. And this week was really fun because my friend/student from Montana was ins Austin on business and so he came to class and then he stayed for dinner which made for an even more fun evening. In class we worked ontriangmukaipada pascimottanasasana, krouncasana and pascimottanasana while contemplating the yama of satya, truth. The Level 1 class worked with satya, also and refined parivritta trikonasasana which led us into Maricyasana 1 and Maricyasana 3.

I taught a variation of one of my favorite flows on Tuesday at 4:30 using the theme of The Ocean of the Heart. The advanced class was a great surfing expedition on the waves of the ocean of the heart and an exploration of the currents of inner and outer spiral for hip openers, arm balances and hanumanasana. (think about it- Hanuman leaps over the ocean...) Fun night, though. (Kelly came to class and actually got off the ground in eka hasta bhujasana for the first time.) In fact the arm balances inn the room were outstanding and 23 people all had straight legs in surya yantrasana- what a group!

Tonight in San Marcos we reviewed the Seven Loops in the Level 1&2 class, focusing a lot on shoulder loop to help with bhujangasana. We talked about asteya and about the precious jewel of wisdom that arises when we are established in non-stealing. The beginning class worked with the theme of The Kula, learned Outer Spiral to add to last weeks' Inner Spiral lesson and put the two to good use in Vira 2, parsvakonasana, and trikonasana.

I will have to miss my Thursday night classes in Austin since I will be on my way to Arizona tomorrow. I am visiting some friends there and teaching at my old studio, Prescott Yoga. I am so excited to see everyone there. It has been a year since I have been back.

However, Anne is teaching on Thursday at 7:30 at Westgate so check her out there.

I guess that's about it for now. I am hoping to get up in time to get to the river for some kayaking in the morning. What a fun life it is...


Anne-Marie Bowery said...

Okay, that really is shocking,

thanks for the plug about class, am looking forward to it.

have a great trip.

Love, anzy

Meg said...

I have been reading your blog and loving feeling a bit more connected to you. have blast in Prescott and send so much love to Rachel. Kayaking in the morning?...

Love, Meg

Christina Sell said...

Anne- Yes, I know, I thought it was weird also. Just not really how it is done, you know?

Meg- Yes, kayaking in the morning because the San Marcos River is spring fed and is 72 degrees all year round. This means means we can kayak anytime with no fear of hypothermia and very little discomfort because in the winter the water is warmer than the air.

Of course, winter is a strange concept here in Texas. Even though it is October it is still in the 90's!

And just to fill out the image, Meg, I have a little pink Jackson playboat, a pink paddling jacket and a pink helmet with glitter. Recently Sarah Platenius gave me sticker from her sister's company "Surf Sister" and now my pink boat has a Surf Sister sticker on it. So, it's a chick thing for sure.

AND-- for those of you reading from Prescott, LAURA FRESHMAN IS MARRIED! How cool is that?

Love, love, love...

mandy said...

I can't believe that someone called and tried to sub your classes. That is to wierd:)