Friday, October 26, 2007

Week in Review

I am going to write while I wait for lunch to cook. (Roasted vegetables made with our fresh basil and copious amounts of ghee.) It smells so good, I just cannot wait for lunch.

Wednesday night's classes at San Marcos School of Yoga continued with the theme of sauca at 5:30 and steadiness/ease at 7:00. The 5:30 class worked diligently on Vira 3 and spent close to 5 minutes in halasana which was most exciting to see. In the Beginning Yoga Class we worked our way through all of the poses on the Beginning Yoga Syllabus, which was a very strong standing poses class. It was awesome to see the progress everyone has made in just 7 short weeks. It is amazing what regular attendance in a class yields! (I know I am a broken record on this point but consistency is just so important for progress.)

And the Thursday nigh yoga marathon continued with the theme of SPANDA, the great cosmic pulsation. (Interestingly enough this is the very topic that Carlos Pomeda will presenting on next weekend. He will be teaching from the Spanda Karikas, one of the primary texts of Kashmir Shaivism that directly informs some of Anusara Yoga philosophy. So not worry, no need to convert to Kashmir Shaivism to learn and grow from the workshop or to participate in Anusara Yoga quite happily. But if you ahven't signed up and you hace seom time to come this weekend, please come and hear Carlos' talks. For more info on Carlos go to

The 4:30 advanced class practiced a long forward bending sequence from John Friend that culminated in a foray into leg-behind-the-head poses.(34 people there yesterday. Remember when we started that class a year ago with 8 of us in the little room? What is so awesome is folks like Lisa, Sveta, Victoria, Mungu, Kristen, Suki and Zibby were there then and are still coming now. Talk about consistency...) The 6:00 hatha class practiced urdhva danurasana ( with a few people pushing up for the very first time ever!) and the 7:30 class focused on refining Vira One, parsvottanasana and some seated forward bends.

Susan, Tabatha, Anne, Pamela, Ari, Venus, Mike, Susan and Katherine all double-dipped, which was quite fun.

This weekend we have the Immersion again which I am really excited about. It seems like it has been a long time since this group was assembled. We get to do Inner and Outer Spiral this weekend which is always fun. Oftentimes confusing along the way, but fun nonetheless.

One exciting project Kelly is working on for me is putting a new door in the yoga studio. We went to Lowe's today and got a new door with a big window in it. After the practice we did last weekend with the door open, I realized we absolutely need some more natural light in the room. I think the window on the door is going to make a big difference. Plus, the window has a big Texas star in it. It is really awesome.

Okay- so time to go. More later.

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