Sunday, September 30, 2007

Immersion This Weekend

We began a new Immersion Series in Austin this weekend at the Northwest studio. It was another fantastic weekend with another great group. In the afternoon session we read from the Teacher Training Manual about John Friends's vision of the Anusara Yoga community. There is a line that says, "The community is close knit like a family but has the looseness of a merry band of bohemian artists." The group smiled when this was read and I asked everyone, "So, are you guys in the right place?"

As we were reading, I was reflecting on how accurately his vision described our group here in Austin. From the Anusara-inspired teachers, to both Immersion groups and including all of the people coming regularly to classes, Anusara Yoga is growing with a vital enthusiasm that is absolutely inspiring. I had a strong feeling of being in the right place and a gratitude for Anusara Yoga and the great company we are keeping.

The theme for the weekend was Open to Grace, the first principle of Anusara Yoga. One of the best things about being an Anusara Yoga teacher is that you get to spend your days talking about things like Grace, the nature of the Divine, and the truths that reside in the heart of each of us. And you get to wear sweat pants while you do it! (I mean really, what a cool job.)

A fun thing for me this weekend was that Kelly attended both sessions. Kelly has a beautiful asana practice (even though he claims he isn't very good and doesn't care enough about it to really make a lot of progress. I think he just compares himself to me who is obsessed with yoga and this has distorted his view of things. Really, he is very good. ) and having him part of the weekend and part of my Anusara Yoga family was a real treat.

Another highlight was watching the Carlos Pomeda video. I have watched that video so many times and I just never get tired of his humor and inspiring presentation of the History of Yoga. (A shameless promotion here--Carlos will be teaching at my studio in November. This is not to be missed. He will teach 3 philosophy sessions and Charly Pivert and I will be offering yoga classes. Asana and philosophy, all weekend long. Definitely, you should be there. Check it out on my website: )

And while not exactly a highlight, more like an ongoing pleasure, it was so fun to watch everyone practice, learn and help one another. Everyone worked really hard and we refined so many postures and laid the foundation for deeper explorations into the other principles of alignment. Next weekend we are together we are going to clarify the Primary and Secondary Flow of Energy (Muscle and Organic Energy and the Loops) and I promise we will do something other than back bends!

Ari took pics and here is the link:

Enjoy! (Thanks Ari!)

Thanks again to everyone for a great weekend. Please stay in touch.


ari said...

Here, lovelies:

Thanks for the privilege of hanging out with you all! It was so hard NOT to put the camera down and join in. You are beautiful.

Christina Sell said...

I love them. Thanks for being there and being part of the fun. And, as usual, your photos make everyone look great. (Of course, everyone already looked awesome so between the subject matter and your skill....)