Friday, October 12, 2007

Lots of fun!

Thursday night's yoga marathon topped off another fun week of classes. I continued with the theme of whole-hearted devotion with more back bends at 4:30, work on vasisthasana at 6:00 and an exploration of the upper back and pinca mayurasana at 7:30. Susan and Anne double dipped at 4:30 and 6. Jessie made it to both 6:00 and 7:30. And so many regular students were in attendance that we were really able to build on all the work we have done so far. The 7:00 class was small enough we could do a lot of work with the chairs to really open up our upper backs. And the only thing that could make Thursday better at all is if we could do the advanced class for 2 hours. Not that I am complaining, mind you...just always wishing we had more time in that class to go deeper into the advanced curriculum.

Anyhoo- I am writing now from a Starbucks in Katy, Texas. I taught last night in Friendswood, which was fun. Valerie Imore has a great studio there. We had an awesome group for a mixed levels class. We looked at some Anusara Yoga basics and did a little pranayama throughout the practice. In retrospect, I think our agenda was a bit ambitious but live and learn- hard to get a full practice in, teach the principles, and do some pranayama and meditation. We did manage to do some of all of it but not in depth enough for my perfectionistic standard for myself!!!

I had a good time though and the students seemed to enjoy the evening, so putting expectation aside, it was really great fun. I will teach in Katy today and then back to Friendswood to teach tomorrow. It is fun to meeting some of the Texas Anusara Yoga gang on this trip. More later.

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