Sunday, October 21, 2007

Group Practice

We had such a fun time today at our practice.

Okay, is this (and by "this" I mean saying "it was so much fun") seeming like a broken record on this blog or what? Really, I am in a very fun phase of life right now. Granted, I can imagine that not everyone would think a 3+ hour intense yoga practice would be fun, but it is the kind of day that I like best.

First of all the weather today was near perfect. Sunny, mildly breezy, cooler than it has been in a while. We walked the dogs, made our pasta for the potluck and then people began to arrive. I was so happy to be practicing and to have everyone at The San Marcos School of Yoga. I personally had a great practice and many people had ah-hah's and personal firsts. At one point Kelly walked in to ask me something (Kelly was not practicing with us today because he was putting a floor down in my office.) and he exclaimed, "Wow, everyone just looks so happy!"

It was true, it was just a really great vibe in the room. People were working hard, sweating and also stopping as they needed to rest, regroup and modify. With the weather so nice, we propped the front door open so we had great light and fresh air all day which was awesome. The only drawback to the open door was the bees that came to visit and my personal foray to the dark side (ahimsa violation) that occurred when I killed one the bees in cold blood.

The potluck was great with plenty of real food AND homemade cookies. Best of both worlds, in my opinion. By the end we were all hanging out in our driveway playing with our dogs, enjoying one another and just finding it a bit difficult to say good-bye and put an end to the day. As I closed the gate and waved good-bye to the last carload of folks, I felt so happy and grateful to have a group of people to spend a day with practicing yoga. Really, for me, it doesn't get much better than that.

Okay then, that's it for now. Love to you all.


Jennie said...

While you were having a wonderful class, I was in Flagstaff AZ taking a class with Ulla at the The Yoga Experience, she is a great teacher. By the way Christina she says hi! I also had the opportunity to take a class from Erin there also, she too is another good teacher. Your class sounds wonderful, I can't wait to make it to one at your studio. When do you plan on the next one? Or you know you could always have a class at the studio in Corpus Christi.

Christina Sell said...

Well, you know, I go where I am invited. Glad you had fun in Flagstaff. I love those ladies there. They have a really fun time. Plus it is a perfect time of year to be there. I think the Aspens must be changing right about now.