Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bozeman, Home, Austin

I spent the weekend teaching in Bozeman, Montana at Trimurti Ashram. I go up there several times a year to teach a group of my friends there who are students of Purna Steinitz, who is a student of my Teacher, Lee Lozowick. The ashram is beautiful, simple, surrounded by big open sky, mountains and all day long deer come and nibble on the lawn and bald eagles circle the property.

And even better than the scenery, is the company. The ashram residents are some of the most open, hard working and hospitable people I know. It is always inspiring for me to be there and participate in morning meditation, meals, and dharma talks in addition to teaching yoga. I usually come home inspired to practice from being steeped in their passionate commitment to the Teaching.

I got off the plane on Monday afternoon in time to practice some inversions and hip openers before Monday night classes at The San Marcos School of Yoga. It is always fun to teach there and I love just walking across my driveway, walking in and seeing everyone there ready to practice yoga.

Today I slept in a little, did my meditation and puja, ate breakfast and then Kelly and I walked the dogs. I practiced yoga, went kayaking and then ate lunch. Then I taught a private and two classes in Austin. It was so fun to see everyone in classes. Both classes are starting to have some regular attendees and I just love getting to know people better and to see people get to know one another as well. (AND--the double dipping! Jeremiah, Genevieve, Pamela... Way to go guys!)

Today I decided to teach about balancing softness and vulnerability with the strength. The first principle of Anusara Yoga is Open To Grace and is a reminder that each of us need to soften and be vulnerable enough to ask for help from the Great Source in our practice. It requires a certain vulnerability to even acknowledge that we cannot do it all alone. And from that soft vulnerability we get to work and create strength with Muscle Energy. The ongoing opening of the body and heart in practice continues on like that in a dynamic balanced relationship. Even when we are working hard, we can still cultivate softness- in our face, in our attitude toward ourselves and others, and in the place within us that connects us to our deepest selves and to one another.

This weekend I go to Vancouver to teach. I will leave on Thursday so unfortunately, no yoga marathon for me this Thursday. I am so excited to see everyone up there and my host organized a great wekeend so I will get to meet a lot of new folks which I am really looking forward to.


Shinay said...

Christina, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for you blog and your wonderful writing. Throughout your travels to India I would read your posts and it would give me inspiration for the day and new clarity and insight to my life. As with this post, I have been practicing softness and opening to grace in my daily life. And thank you for the idea to write my own blog. It has helped to inspire creativity and chare it with my loved ones. Unfortunately I won't see you in October because I have decided to stay in Brazil another month! But I hope to take yoga from you again soon.

Hugs from abroad!

Christina Sell said...

Hey Shinay! Thanks for chekcing in. I am glad to hear things are going so well for you. Stay in touch.