Sunday, September 9, 2007



Here are some pictures from the immersion this weekend. We had a great time this weekend, diving into the nuts and bolts of the Primary Flows of Energy and the Loops and the basics of Tantric philosophy. Everybody was so receptive and enthusiasitically engaged with the learning process. It was such a joy to be with everybody.

Enjoy the pics and please in touch!

Classes at the San Marcos School of Yoga begin tomorrow night. After a long summer away from one another, I am really excited about seeing everyone again and starting a new year together. There are just so many fun things going on right now!


ari said...

speaking of photos:
so cute!

Thanks for another enlightening weekend, Christina!

Laura said...

Ahhh, it's so fun re-living the the weekend on Monday. Much better than answering email's and phone messages :)
P.S. I strapped my shoulders during my morning meditation. Drove me nuts after a while, but it's a good reminder.

Christina Sell said...

One thing I love about our philosophy is that while we lift and stretch and engage and work really hard, at the end of the day, the Revelation of our True Self is not dependent on the lift of our chest or the perfection of our outer posture but on the aligment of our hearts and spirits.

So Laura, I hope you threw the strap off at a certain point and just sank into the deliciousness of your inner life! When something serves it serves and when it stops, let it go...:)

I love looking at the pics, too, and remembering our time together. Love you guys...

Laura said...

yeah, strap came off pretty quick. I'm not a masochist :)

Christina Sell said...

Thank God! It is, after all, not "our way".

Emily said...

More great pics - thanks kelly.

This weekend was filled with so many "ah-ha" moments for me. I have so much to think about as I do my personal practice for the next few weeks. It is great to have so much new information to integrate, practice on and journal about until we meet again!