Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor of Love

Okay here are the pics from today....Enjoy!

We had a most excellent time together practicing and eating. We had to abandon the river festivities due to the weather being not-so-cooperative. (Who wants to float in 72-degree water when it is raining? Not me. Not really any of us. )
After a brief celebration for the recent YYTT graduates we had another rockin' practice together. Really, this way of getting together and practicing is one of may favorite things about Anusara Yoga. We take all kinds of time in classes and workshops to learn and to study the method and then we can just get together and practice. We help each other out, we celebrate the things others can do, to laugh and make merry while making the world a bit more beautiful with these artful forms called asanas.
I hope everyone enjoyed the show. As I reviewed the pics and posted them I have been reflecting on how awesome everyone is and how fabulous it is to teach and practice yoga. Thank you again for sharing the journey with me. It is a blessing to be together.
For those of you just getting started teaching yoga, my deepest wish for you is that you find the practice of sharing these teachings with others to be as uplifting, inspiring and transformational as I have. This "job" is a dream come true in so many ways and on so many levels.
A few of you suggested making this practice a monthly event. Anyone around on Sunday October 21? That is a day that would work for me. Any takers? Any time preferences?


ari said...

Thanks so much for hosting us, Christina! The mini-ceremony was a nice touch and very thoughtful, so thanks to you and Jessica for that one, too.

We were talking on the way back to Austin about how nice it was to just practice together and not teach or be taught. It made me realize how much I miss my home practice, which somehow got lost in the last couple months of school.

Anyway, I will always try to make time for these group practices, whenever you have them. 10/21 may be doable. Sign me up for "the gaze of the tabby." Indefinitely.

ari said...

P.S. Some of these thumbnails aren't clickable. Maybe Blogger is still doing its behind-the-scenes voodoo?

P.P.S. Venus took an awesome photo of Kelly!

Emily said...

Thanks for giving us such a wonderful graduation celebration - it was fantastic. Also, thanks for hosting another wonderful practice.

The pictures are great and I love that there is a picture of Kelly in there this time!


kim said...

If you host it, they will come....
Thanks so much for opening your studio to us to practice and get to know each other better. It really was another fabulous yoga day (and I got into two poses that I never dreamed I'd be able to---with pictural proof!) Sign me up for the 21st!

Anasazi said...

Thank you for having us down again, Christina. It was another great yoga practice with some of my favorite people in the yoga world. Thanks especially for the little graduation ceremony. I was worried I would never have another opportunity to wear the patented "dude tiara" that Genevieve made for me (props to Genevieve for creativity and thoughfulness!).

The 21st looks open for me. I look forward to transcending the "eye of the tabby" stage of my practice. What's next? "Glance of the ocelot?"

Genevieve said...

I'm with Kim, build it and they will come...I know I will.

You and Jessica made yesterday an extra special day for us grads :)
Thanks so much for all you do.
Cheers, G

Christina Sell said...

Okay then folks, plan for October 21. 11-2 with food afterwards.

So far we have Me, Kelly, Ari (although "may be doable" is more like a perhaps), Kim, Jessie, Genevieve...who else is out there wanting to join the fun?

Thanks again for the great day and thanks to Jesse, Pamela and Brigitte for coming to the advanced class today. You know, the best thing for soreness from yoga is MORE YOGA.

Love, love, love...

Emily said...

I am in for the 21st!

Christina Sell said...

Nejoy a few more pics of the day from Ari:

Okay, Emily, you are now on "the list" for the 21st!

mandy said...

Great pic's Kelly, Venus, and Ari! What fun we had and how sore I am. I will be out of town for the next practice but hopefully can catch the next one.

Anasazi said...

Whoops! I was just reminded that I'll be in Arizona on that weekend in October. Think of me fondly as you're all kicking up effortlessly into those beautiful handstands. I'll be building a contraption with ropes and pullies to hoist me up into my arch-nemesis of poses.

Laura said...

stop scdeduling things when I'm out of town! :) I'll see your San Marcos studio yet!