Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Morning

What a day yesterday.

I got up did my morning routine and headed out to teach Focus on Form. I was so happy to see so many folks there. Whenever I am gone for two weeks I always wonder- Will the class be there when I get back? But there everyone was and Sam did such a good job as my sub that it was easy for me to step right back into the swing of things.

We had our first Seniors Yoga class right after Focus on Form. I do hope we can get the word out about this offering. It is a great class for beginners, for people who want a more gentle, modified class regardless of age. We had a nice turn out of teachers along with my Mom and Dad and I am pleased with where this class might go. Also, I would really appreciate any help you can give me in promoting the class. It is a Community Class which means it only costs $7 to come and there is no need to "join" the gym. Of course, there is no need to join Castle Hill ever to take part in the wonderful yoga offerings there. This is no ordinary gym.

After Seniors Yoga me and Kelly and Mom and Dad had lunch at Whole Foods. After that I met with Jason Lobo about the San Marcos School of Yoga. Jason is a great yoga teacher and student of mine who just moved here from Dallas to join up with the Anusara Community here and he is renting my house in San Marcos and he will be offering some classes there so stay tuned for news about what he has going on down south!

After that I went over to check in at Lululemon and then walked over to The Caslte for my asana practice- which went amazingly well. I am making some progress in my kapotasana attempts. I still; cannot get my heels by myself but I am getting closer and the effort to get into the first stage of the pose is easier and easier.

After practice I met with Paolo and Stefania for some wonderful scheming and planning about Ansuara Yoga classes at Castle Hill and we can grow our program there. It is always so exploring to look at where we have come in a few short years as a community and to look ahead at potential and possibilities for expansion. We, as a community, can expect a steady and definitive growth of Anusara Yoga programming at The Castle in the years to come. So a big thanks to all who are supporting the classes and the vision there.

After that meeting I taught my 6:00 class which was a strong back bending class culminating in drop backs and standing up. I took a slightly different route there last night to try to capitalize on strength in dropping back rather than gravity. It is harder in a way, but better over the long haul, I believe. I am more and more interested in helping people learn ways to work on advanced postures without partners so we spent a lot of time prepping drop backs and working at the wall before using partner assists.

I mentioned this in class last night but I do think it bears repeating and that is, that class is a hard class. It is a class that I really want to have for people to learn how to work on advanced postures and postures you just don't get to every day in the average all-levels practice-based class. We have been working for a while now as a group in the class and the caliber of studentship is so high and the capacity of the group is very high and I ask a lot of the people who come. It is not a casual class at all and because of that, so many people are getting so good!

This issue came up in a recent teacher training I taught- the issue being, how can one learn advanced postures if they are not being taught in class? And the more I think about it, the more it becomes obvious to me that the only way I learned how to advance my practice was by taking classes where the advanced postures were broken down into manageable chunks and analyzed and explored. Or I learned in workshops where that happened also. Then I would go home and practice like a mad woman obsessed. (okay, I am still kind of like that at times.) But my point is that I didn't figure most of this stuff out on my own. I went to classes- driving and flying great distances sometimes- in order to learn. And then I practiced. A lot.

So anyway, I want to have a class where people have access to poses beyond the basics and where, a dedicated, capable student can explore the boundaries of their abilities. And that class is Wednesday night. And it is definitely happening and it is very exciting to watch and to be be a part of. And, of course, it does not mean that everyone has to be able to do everything in a Level 3/4 class, it just means that students need to come with a certain attitude and work ethic and I will help them work at an appropriate level.

After class, me Kelly, Shannon, Chris Muchow (a great Ansuara-Inspired, soon-to-be-certified) teacher who just moved here from Denver, J-Man, Sam and Tearson had dinner out on the patio at Whole Foods which was fun. I would love to make that a regular gathering time after the Wednesday night class as it is a great way to be together as a community in a relaxed, informal setting.

So after that very full day of meeting, teaching, planning, and practice we came home, did a bit of organizing for today and then I fell promptly to sleep with a very deep feeling of satisfaction.

Oh and remember---Saturday. 12-2:30. Group Practice. Castle Hill Annex. Be there and celebrate Anne and Jeff's wedding. Donations go to the Bride and Groom.


Lisa said...

Good to know that the seniors class doesn't require a particular birthdate; it sounds like a great forum for working through injuries. If it is still happening in December when I'm done teaching all day Mon/Wed I will be there for sure. So exciting all that is going on at Castle Hill; the more time I spend there the more impressed I am with that place. Miss you! Can't wait to celebrate Anne and Jeff on Saturday. :-D

Shanna said...

Good post. I love teachers who are not afraid to teach advanced postures.

Dale said...

A mad woman obsessed - why else would a god take on flesh?