Thursday, September 16, 2010

a few refections on the week

So- wow- I have been busy this week. I can't believe it is so long since my last entry. I have been diligently working away to get caught up on all my email and projects and for one brief moment on Monday I was pretty much there but then my the evening, well, I had another stack of things to attend to. All of this is great stuff and I am in no way complaining, just saying that it's been a full week. Of course, I did have time for some lovely treats like a facial with Melva at Castle Hill. (Seriously, she does an intro special for an Organic Facial that is only $50. Her products are top-of-the-line, the room is relaxing, she is a caring, professional yogi who is a very well-trained esthetician and the price is really unbeatable for something so freakin' good. Check it out. Treat yourself. It's worth it and so are you.)

All right, enough of that commercial- Some highlights of my week were going to Peggy's class on Monday with Anne. Peggy was late to class and so Anne taught the first half of class. I haven't been in class with here in a long time and so that was fun. She shared a lot of neat stuff she has been learning altely and got us ready for some back bends. Then Peggy came in for the second hour- it was like a tag team yoga class- and we went deeper into the back bends with urdhva danurasana, dwi pada viparita dandasana, eka pada rajakpotasasan 2 and 1 and then drop backs from tadasana to urdhva danurasana. Good times.

Tuesday night I went to Duncan Wong's class at Breath and Body. That was pretty interesting and gave me lots to reflect on. He had a very unusual approach to teaching so that was kind of fun to witness and be part of. I enjoyed some of his rants and opinions and observations and it was fun to chew on the very different way he viewed alignment for the body than how we see it in Anusara Yoga. It was a good night and I enjoyed being with everyone and being a student in a class and exploring some new ways to access the body and the postures. He is quite a technician, that is for sure.

Yesterday was a super fun day with Focus on Form at 9:30. We worked on shoulder principles toward backbends with a hilarious foray into nakrasana. Scenes below.
The 6:00 class was jam packed- although please keep coming- we have changed the "limit" on the Mind Body Online software so we can let more people into class! Once I found out people were getting turned away, I intervened, tormented the poor desk staff and made them break the rules so people could get into class. We had a full house and people really worked with great enthusiasm. Lots of inverted work into deep urdhva danurasana, dwi pada viparita dandasana variations and headstand dropovers. Such fun.

I got on a whole theme last night about aligning with one's Heart's vision and staying in steadfast remembrance of the Heart no matter what is happening. As I was closing class I told the class to return to the fullness of their Heart and to the source of their Vision and as I gave that instruction I did it also. The realization swelled up inside me that a class like the one we jsut had is really a huge part of my Vision. Community- having people to share my love of practice with and being part of something dynamic, meaningful and heart-felt is really what my Vision is all about. I left class so grateful for our wonderful community of practitioners here- the ways it has grown, changed, and expanded and for my good fortune to get to teach such capable, hard working and curious students. What a good life it is.

Also fun was that Sam and Justin- acroyogi's extraordinaire- are in town this weekend. I met them first at The Immersion Darren and I taught in Tucson and they are here to teach a workshop at Love Yoga. So they came to class and shared in the fun which was a fun treat. If youa re free this weekend, check out their workshop- they are super great people, very skilled at what they do and it will be a great way to connect and practice in community.

All right- on with the day!

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