Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So like that

So, I got this note in my email today and I asked the sender if I could reprint it here and she said yes.

Dear Christina,

I wanted to share a cool story with you (or at least I thought it was cool) its slightly anecdotal so prepare yourself:

My prayer life has sucked for a long time. Just really not feeling it. And yoga has been helping me really set my heart aside to work though some stuff with God. But yesterday I had a breakthrough.

A friend of mine from high school died last Wednesday hang gliding. I was pretty tore up about losing John, and I was unable to attends the funeral yesterday because I'm teaching art this week in seguin at a spiritual leadership camp ( the funeral was about 4 hours away). But I felt like I needed to set the time of the funeral aside and really remember John and pray. So I found a quiet room and I did 26 suryanamaskar A. One for each year of his life. And with each one my intent was to thank God that John had been here. At the end the light in me bowed to the light in John. Afterward not only did I feel like I had been connected in prayer but I was truly thankful that John had been here instead of bawling that he was gone (although I still miss him).

So thank you for helping me find an honest way to commune with God again. And anytime a teacher is afraid of stepping on Christians' toes please, please, please reassure them that there is far more in common than they think and that prayer is prayer is prayer.

So -like that.


Emma at South Mountain Yoga said...

Every hair on my body is standing on end. What an amazing letter. And of course you should feel really, really proud; what an amazing, high honor to be able to help someone in this way. xoEm

Terri said...

i completely agree with her! I have prayed that way many many times.....it was definitely how I found my prayer practice!! Thanks for sharing her letter!

Shannon said...

thank you letter writer! what a beautiful way to start my day. and thank you John. your life touched this sharing.

Anonymous said...


Kelly said...

The above comment translates to, they like your Blog and that you should keep doing what you are doing.