Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday in Wisconsin

Kelly and I met up in Chicago yesterday and hopped on a plane to Madison, Wisconsin and then drive a few hours to Viroqua. We sat up late talking to our friends, Meg and Chris and then got up this morning for fun and games. Chris and Kelly went on a bike ride and me and Meg had a chance to practice. We worked on a lovely sequence to Natrajasana which culminated in some pretty fine bends.

Here is the photographic evidence...

And here is a video clip of me and Meg working together to help her keep her heels down on the way don and up. Meg has been doing drop backs on her own for like a decade so that was not the thing she was working on. She was really working diligently on keeping her heels down. Fun times.

After practice, Kelly and I had lunch at the local coop and then I had a massage. After a shower and a snack I went to Tapestry Yoga to teach. We had a great turnout with a lovely group of hardworking, sincere students. We did a deep hip opening class which culminated with a foray into padmasana. Good times.

more tomorrow.

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grtchn said...

How do you like the valley? Was this your first trip? I grew up about 11 miles outside of Viroqua off highway 14. Beautiful country and what a treat for the kula there - as well as you! I'm planning a few trips back in the coming months - I love Wisconsin summers. But before I head home I'll be joining you and Noah in Santa Monica - I'm very much looking forward to it.

Love and Light,
Gretchen W.