Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rich Diversity

So I have been enjoying my week at home a lot. I just updated my Facebook status to read that 'I am enjoying the rich diversity of the Austin Yoga Community." Oh I also suggested that the tag line for Austin get a small addition. Instead of Live Musical Capital of the World, I am, proposing that we change it to Yoga and Live Music Capital.... just a thought. Maybe we can get a proposal of some kind going!


The One Om Event continues to inspire me as I reflect on the many wonderful people who participated in a variety of ways. We had a visionary leader and organizer in Ms. Gioconda Parker , we had wonderful corporate sponsors, we had great students in the room and a great team of talented teachers who guided the practice. And really it was a great time to be together as a community. The next event is scheduled for October 7th so save the date and make sure you are there.

Then Friday morning I went to the wonderful Jenn Wooten's flow class at Castle Hill. If you do not know about that class- check it out- It is a Community Class which means it is priced at $7 which is a bargain anywhere you go but in this case, you get Jenn Wooten. Jenn as many of you know is grounded, earthy, dedicated and passionate about the real-life applications of the teachings and the practice. Not one bit of fluff in this presentation but a whole lot of good info and a lotta heart. Really, you should make it part of your life. I can't think of a better way to spend Friday morning.

So, after that I met with the fantastic Malia Scott to talk about Namaste Light a wonderful company that helps yoga people stay connected and also does wonderful things for the environment. She had so many great ideas and the company does such great work, I am super psyched about it. Check it out if you are looking for an effective way to manage your emails, newsletters and so forth. So I also enjoyed seeing Malia off her yoga mat and in her WebMarketing Guru function. She was quite brilliant and a pleasure to work with. Her passion for service is really put to good use in her position with Namaste Light.

After that meeting I met with Stefania to talk about the upcoming events at Castle Hill. halloween weekend me and Noah are going to be teaching together and so we were finalizing the flyer and making plans for that.

Also, she and I got some details sorted out for my podcast programs I have been wanting to do: Christina Sell- Live from The Castle. Soon, you will be able to download my Wednesday Night Int/Adv. class. Just think 90 minutes (usually more because I never end on time!) of me- raw, uncut and live with the Austin Gang doing what we do on Wednesday nights. There will be some small fee to cover the admin cost and the time getting the sequence posted with pictures and so forth but that is a fun project coming soon.

Talking to Stefania is always fun because she is a great yogi and wonderful person who is also super efficient and good at her job. She is smart, funny, straightforward and really a pleasure to work with.

Last night I went to Clear Spring Yoga for the first night of the Laurie Blakeney workshop which was awesome. it was so sweet, soft and deep. In one class I learned so much and gained so many insights and nuggets about how to practice in a more intelligent and effective way. She is really such a great teacher.

This morning I went out to Barsana Dham for the Texas Yoga Retreat which was a true pleasure. I had about 20 folks in my class and we worked on basic hip opening and made a foray to eka hasta bhujasana. For most folks it was an introduction to Ansuara Yoga and they did great. I was so pleased with the excellent studentship, the sincere questions, the hard work and the great sense of deep purpose there. I had a fun time and can't wait for tomorrow afternoon's back bend class from 2-4.

Anyway- this afternoon, its back to Iyengar Yoga Land and then a potluck here after the workshop. Tomorrow, the workshop and back out to Barsana Dham. Anyway- like I Said, its been a foray into the rich diversity that makes up this yoga community. Meanwhile, I think Seane Corn is in town teaching all the flow folks and so I am sure that is also a great time. Seriously, forget the live music- it's YOGA here in the Heart of Texas.


Mary S said...

I'm guessing you meant "90" minutes. That would be all kinds of awesome.

I'm trying to find a place on me that is not sore or tired from yesterday's class.

Christina Sell said...

Yes, 90 minutes! I just changed it. Small difference there.

My groins are sore. I mean who begins class with that lotus variation of simhasana? Crazy. Fun. But not easy!

authentic self yoga said...

I am looking forward to weekly christina sells fun

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