Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Evening

Well, it was another great day today. I slept in a bit. My body is still on California time so my 8:30 wake up was early as far as my body was concerned but not too early as far as my Texas-time time management was concerned. After my morning meditation, some journal writing, a light breakfast and some email, I went to a Nia class at Nia Space, which was fun. I came home, had lunch, did some work and then did my asana practice before heading to Castle Hill to teach my 4:30 class. All in all a pretty fun day.

I worked with the theme of The Light in my 4:30 class. I have been thinking about The Light a lot lately and it seems to me that really, as complex and sophisticated as the philosophies that inform Anusara Yoga re, they boil down to simple precepts that are lovely to consider.

A. There is One Light of Supreme consciousness.
B. That Light is our True Nature. It exists in all of us and it took form as us.
C. That light gets cloaked, blocked and obscured from our awareness and from its full expression.
D. Yoga is a way to reconnect with The Light and a means by which we can learn to express The Light in all that we are and all that we do.

So sure, it gets more complex than that and the various systems of delineation about how exactly that process of obscuration happens and so forth have filled more books than one can imagine but in some ways, the simplicity of it is appealing to me today. And it is true on so many levels from the macrocosm of coming into human form and the whole consideration of embodiment to our various psychological leanings and neurosis and so forth. (And as Paul Muller Ortega taught us- in tantra the question is not so much "How is enlightenment possible?" as much as it is "How is embodiment possible?"!) Anyway, in class we worked with forward bends- an opportunity to go into The Light and to restore ourselves so that we could step off the mat and Shine Brightly. Like that.

I worked a lot with Inner Spiral in class and the sequence took us through some good standing pose work and into basic forward bends like triangmukaipadapascimottanasana, parighasana, baddha konasana, uppavista konasana, parsva uppavista konasana and into some deep lunges, maricyasana A, clasped uttasana, and kurmasana. After some lovely setu bandhasana and windhield wipers, the class rested. Good times.

As always I love returning from a long trip and seeing familiar faces. It was a lovely return to work for me. Kelly and I came home, made dinner and have enjoyed a mellow evening at home together. So- now, time to read for a while and get to bed. Tomorrow is Focus on Form at 9:30. Hope to see you there or at Level 2-4 at 6:00.

More tomorrow.

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