Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Morning

I was so hoping the sunshine would last! I must say I am a bit of a sunshine addict and these last few weeks (it rained the whole time I was in California, it rained the whole time I have been back) of rainy weather has been a bit of a drag. I know it is kind of high class complaint but oh well, my spoiled white girl is showing!

The Immersion went well yesterday. I switched gears and taught what I called Yoga School. We did a by the books exploration into Open to Grace and really explored it, Muscle Energy and Organic Energy. While very little of the information was new, to cover it outside of asana practice, with pen and paper in hand and no "sweat on" (as Dale said!) is a different thing entirely. One thing is clear is that everyone in the room has the information in their bodies. Now the challenge is really knowing what terminology is accurate to describe the feelings and actions that their bodies really know.

Also- this is the time in an Immersion where it is abundantly clear to most participants that some measure of study is gonna be required to really ground the information into their intellectual body of knowledge. I have said it before that I think 108-hour Immersion are an incredible and fantastic part of our Anusara Yoga Curriculum. And I think the only downside of them is that they sometimes create an unrealistic set of expectations (many times unconscious)
that if you come to class for 108 hours and pay attention that is all you will need to do to learn the information and really understand it. In fact, some of this stuff just has to be memorized and explored and chewed on and practiced with for A LOT longer than 108 hours!

I know when I was coming up in the method, we didn't have Immersions. The down side was that there was no place where we got the whole picture of the method delivered in a cohesive package all at once. We had to get it VERY piecemeal over a long period of time. So that was hard at times. But I never expected to know it all at once either so in some ways it made it easier. And the majesty and beauty of the method and of my understanding continues to grow. It is just not a finite thing at all.

Anyway- so we did a a long foray into technical understanding and exploration followed up at the end with some handstand practice and a 40 minute flow practice to MC Yogi just to have a good time.

Mom and Dad arrived in Texas yesterday and they came over for a dinner of vegetarian chili and cornbread which was a lot of fun. We made the chili from this months issue of vegetarian times with a few changes to the recipe. Great food, good company- a nice end to a lovely day.

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