Saturday, February 27, 2010

A few Scenes

So we had a really great day together. For some reason I got inspired to teach very detailed alignment this weekend. I think because the group was already so schooled in the basic principle AND because we had such a lovely array of props and perhaps because it has been on my mind a lot lately but we had a strong morning class of standing poses some arm balances and some deep work to open up the upper back and mobilize the shoulders for a foray into urdhva danurasana. the cool thing is that so many people had success in that pose with a few tweaks to hand placement and using the wall and so forth so that was cool. (Sometimes the difference is in the details!) We worked on headstand shoulder stand and some forward bending in the afternoon class. All in all a great day at the office for me.

Here are some scenes.

On deck today is an int/advanced class with backbends, arm balances and vinyasa. Fun stuff. Good times.

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Meg said...

Ok. You are so cute and sunkissed! Mexico to Idaho, not a bad shake. How cool that "the office" at its most essential is the work of guiding people in the ecstatic unfolding of their radiant hearts (with a little help from some chairs and blocks).