Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Morning

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I had a great day yesterday- I had to time to cook, which must mean I am really "back home." I made dal, Cream of Green soup and banana nut muffins. YUM! And I caught up on some things, took a walk, did a practice and taught class at 4:30.

It is a standing pose week in my classes. So we worked on poses that help Vira 2, which incidentally also help padmasana. I used compassion as my theme. After my rant yesterday about the downward spiral I thought I would at least speak to the need to be compassionate with oneself in practice. Really, however, I cannot stress enough that I believe it is an inside job and that we, as students, are responsible for loving ourselves and for not giving extra momentum to the downward spiral when it hits. Anyway. It was a great class. I love how many people are regularly attending this very odd-timed class. I feel like we are really building something. It is awesome.

So, like this:
Surya Namaksar A
Surya Namaskar B
baddha konasana
variations on baddha konasana with block between feet
sirsasana- with uppavistha koansana, badhha konasana and virasana variations
vira 2
Anjaneyasana- 2X
Vira 1
hip opening maricyasana variation- (too hard to explain here- Anne and I learned it in Pune)
Same variation, revolved
vira 2- which was now an excellent rendition of classic form with all that prep
seated baby cradle
reclined babay cradle
revclined padmasana
sarvangasana with parsvaikapada and padmasana
twisting sukhasana

I am thoroughly enjoying having a category of pose as an emphasis each week. I also love teaching much fewer classes that are basically a mad dash toward urdhva danurasana. (kidding. sort of!)

All right, time to shower and get ready for class.

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