Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday Morning

I had a very nice day back. After catching up on some work in the morning I went swimming, met mom for lunch and did some grocery shopping, hung out for a bit with Dad and then did a yoga practice and taught my class. I really enjoyed having everyone in class- we seem to be developing some regular attendees in class and that makes all the difference in the world.

It is a forward bending/hip opening week so we worked with the following sequence:

Child's pose
AMS (some of you have asked- AMS= Adho Mukha Svanasana, down dog)
prasarita paddottanasana
sirsasana with eka pada sirsasasana and parsvaikapada sirsasna variations
eka pada supta virasana and variations at wall
parighasana at wall- 3X
triang mukaipada pascimottanasna
krouncasana, stage one
supta padanguthasana
krouncasana, stage two
uppavistha konasana
revolved, clasped uttanasana
clasped uttanasana
visvamitrasana prep
uttanasana with shoulder stretch
sarvangasana with halasana, eka pada and parsvaikapada sarvangasana variations
savasana (yes we really did it!)

The class went well. It is definitely a different kind of hard work to work in the seated postures and to be in the long holds of supta virasana variations and the repeated parighasana attempts for people who are not used to that kind of work. But the after effects of the sequence were quite nice- people were bright shiny and relaxed which is the lovely thing.

All right. Enough for now. Must go teach Focus on Form.


Jeremiah Wallace said...

Yeah, I'm gettin' in a Virasana/Supta Virasana/Paryankasana teaching kick after the last mentoring group.

Christina Sell said...

yippee! spread the love.