Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Morning

Just a brief check in- We had a great night at the Immersion Phase 2 at Breath and Body Yoga last night. It was fun to reconnect with the group and to hear a bit about how the teachings from Phase 1 had filtered into everyone's life and practice. There is something really great about Phase 2 Immersions. Usually the group is smaller than Phase 1 because of schedules, finances, and also many people take Phase 1 "to check it out" and decide it is not for them, which is totally fine. But what is so cool about Phase 2 is that everyone who signs up for Phase 2 knows it is going to be intense, knows that it is not a gentle or easy process and yet they are ready to go deeper. It is a pretty incredible thing, really. It means that a deep level of commitment is present, a deep desire for learning is there and because the ground gets prepared in Phase One the students are really ready on so many levels. It is a kind of jumping in with eyes open sort of experience. I love it.

So last night we did some sharing, some review and went to work on some forward bends with strong emphasis on the loops of the legs. The studentship was really high.

For those of you in town over Thanksgiving, I am going to lead a practice at The Love Yoga Coop on Sunday so save the date. Sunday, November 29, 3:00-5:30. Suggested donation is $15. Come ready to work and to play- think full spectrum practice with a back bend emphasis. Email me at if you plan on coming so I know who to expect.

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