Friday, November 27, 2009


Well, I had a great day of Thanksgiving. We got up, met up with Shannon, Celeste, Paul, Brandon and Raul for a mellow 20 mile ride up around Shoal Creek. The day was crisp and it was a most excellent way to be together. Kelly rides with these folks a lot and so it was fun for me to ride with the gang and meet his friends. I really love riding bikes but really hate what it does to my body so I do not do it very often. Yesterday was a fantastic time though and I am not overly sore today so, a little time in supta virasana and supta padangusthasana with some weight on my legs ought to even everything out nicely.

After we rode, Kelly and I hung out at Shannon and Celeste's for a while and had a lovely meal together. It was a great way to spend Thanksgiving. Kelly and I came home, and as planned, worked in the yard a little and then made a light dinner of roasted veggie sandwiches on olive foccacia bread and read for the evening. Mellow, relaxing and very sweet. The whole day. Loved it.
I was going to go with Kelly down to San Marcos today for a white water kaying expedition but it is just too cold for me so I will do an asana practice instead and baby go to the club for a soak in the hot tub. Too soon to know exactly how the day will progress.

Here are some scenes from our weekend so far:
The bike riding yogi

Brandon, Shannon and Raul
Hiking on the Greenbelt

Weighting my thighs (with help from the feline contingent)

OKay- and remember- Love Yoga Coop on Sunday. 3:00-5:30. Be there!

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