Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well, we made it to Copenhagen in time to go to a funky district here called Freetown ( where everything like water, electricity and gas are actually free due to some loophole in the law here. We had a great vegetarian lunch (which was not free) and then came back to Soham's apartment and unpacked. Then we went on a walk,got a coffee, visited the yogs studio (, did a little window shopping, came home for some asana, ate dinner and sent a little time catching up on email correspondences. Whew. Big day and 9hours time difference to boot.

Ww have a good group assembling for our weekend workshop and next week's immersion here. Most of the students have done Immersion One with Ross Rayburn so I will get to build on the excellent foundation he will have laid and add a few things to the conversation and then Ross will pick the group back up in April for Part Three.

It has been a wonderful day in transit and I and just now feeling my eyelids getting a little heavy so I will be brief. One thing that I am already enjoying is the same thing I always enjoy when travel to another country and that is the different vantage point that travel affords. Truth be told we have a very diverse country in America with marked regional differences throughout. And I get to experience that dynamic a lot in my travels. For instance, just recently I was made keenly aware of how different Venice Beach, CA is from Tucson, AZ and from Kansas City, KS. But nonetheless, getting out of the country sheds a different kind of light on the values and expectations that many times seem objective or absolute and yet actually have more to do with cultural imperatives and conditioning. I find these new perespecties refreshing and thought provoking.

Anyway, more on this later. Time for a shower and sleep. Tomorrow we are going to Hamlet's Castle. Fun!


LisaE said...

I always feel like I can TOTALLy reinvent myself when I travel. If I travelled as much as you do I'd have multiple personalities:)

jennifer said...

you are just so lucky patti didn't take you to kansas city, kansas. girl you were in downtown, overland park kansas. big regional differences!!! it was so good to meet and practice with you.