Monday, January 31, 2011

Home again!

I had a great trip to Kansas City this weekend. I guess technically I was in Overland Park which, if I got it right, is a suburb of Kansas City. They had a rare break in the cold weather while I was there with some lovely sunny days and mild temperatures which was awesome. I think tonight or tomorrow they expect a major snow storm so my timing seems to be on the money in this case.

We had a great group with very mixed levels both in capacity and in experience. I worked a lot with technique on basic poses instead of dragging the new folks into hard, advanced asana terrain. I think it went very well. In general, a lot of group was new to Anusara Yoga so I talked a lot about First Principle and also about the primary flows of energy- muscle energy and organic energy. Having said all that, the studentship was very high. The students were respectful, hard working and eager to learn, which made the teaching a pleasure. And they got my sense of humor, which is another important point to note. I think there is a lot of potential for the growth of Anusara Yoga on this community. Seems like it's really on the brink of or in the midst of a very cool expanding wave.

Also fun was to meet a good handful of people who have studied with other Anusara teachers that I know very well and to glimpse the most wonderful work that all my friends and colleagues are doing out there in the world. It's pretty cool. for onstage, Patty, my host and owner of Yoga Gallery, has done her immersions with Amy Ippoliti and has yet to study with John Friend personally and yet her knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication is super strong. It seems that John's vision- that Anusara Yoga be bigger than him- is really manifesting. What a thrill.

So I have a quick turn around at home before I head out to Copenhagen on Tuesday. I am pretty exited about the trip and rely happy that Kelly is coming with me. We are taking a few days on either side of my teaching to explore the city and to relax, which will be great.

More soon.

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