Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Morning

So this is the last morning of the Immersion and we start a little later today so I am taking the time to write. It has been a really good week all in all. I woke up today feeling energized and rested which is kind of rare at the end of an Immersion. I think perhaps it might be that the antibiotics I am taking have kicked in and the infection I have had this whole time is getting better. I have felt lousy physically this whole trip and in retrospect, it seems clear that I was fighting something and it was sapping my energy. Anyway- due to the wonders of modern medicine, (I am a big believer in antibiotics when they are needed, BTW) I am finishing a week of work feeling much better than when I started.

Also worth noting is that the group is really generating a lot of their own energy this week and requiring a lot less from me and Darren which is fun to watch. These Immersions are really accelerated growth opportunities and it is really inspiring to see what happens for people and their practice in 6 months. There are big internal and external shifts in many domains. It is a great thing to be part of.

I realized this morning that when this Immersion Cycle ends I do not teach another Immersion in the states until January 2011. Its kind of wild to think about, really. I have Part 2 scheduled in Costa Rica in 2010 but other than that, the focus of much of my teaching moves decidedly into Teacher Training for a while. For the most part, I think that is great. Being in the teacher Training zone, while super fun, is also a bit intense because as a teacher who trains teachers, generally, my teaching goes under the microscope during the process. For instance, I may teach a group "the standards for the video" and they will be watching me to see if I am doing what I am asking them to do. (and telling me when I am not!)

I could write about that for a while to be sure, but there will be plenty of time over the next year to be reflecting on that delicious spanda of "video standards" and "real life classroom teaching" and the places where those domains overlap and the places where great teaching may not pass a video and where great video standards fall short in the classroom. So, that is a big topic for another time.

For now, I will savor the last morning with this most wonderful group of people who have assembled for the Immersion. As always, time in Tucson is inspiring and deeply enriching. Darren and the faculty and students of Yoga Oasis have been building a rich and supportive community of practitioners here for over 10 years. The commitment to the vision of kula is in the walls here in such a way that even people from other cities can walk in and feel it almost immediately. I have been teaching here in Tucson since 2003 and I have always felt so at home here and so part of the family and so lined up with my purpose and vision whenever I am here. It is very inspiring to me to be here.

All right, that's about it for now. Someone told me Mercury is out of retrograde, which is wonderful news. I think this cycle was kind of ass kicking around misunderstandings and misinterpretations of intention. More on that later also.


carol said...

Hi Christina, You mentioned an Immersion in costa Rica for 2010. Can you give me some details. I will see you in Athens but really would like to spend more time w/ you.
Thak you, Carol Morrissey

Christina Sell said...

Hey Carol!
The Costa Rica Immersion is in San Jose at Yoga Lamat. for information. We have part 2 in September right before the Grand Gathering. (OOOHHH...come to the Grand Gathering!)

Also- February 19-26 is the fantastic Baja Mexico Retreat which is not to be missed. (SO MUCH FUN.)

Stay in touch.


carol said...

I don't think i can swing the gathering but will plan for the Feb. trip to Baja. See you soon. Happy Anniverary, Carol