Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday In Prescott

All right- so it has been a while. The Teacher Training all weekend was somewhat consuming and in the midst of that I was packing and preparing for our trip to Arizona. I thought the weekend went very well and we made some very amazing progress on several fronts. Two weekends later, and it is a different group of trainees which is awesome to witness.There is really plenty to write about and reflect about but my time online is a bit limited so all of that is going to have to wait.

However, one thing that does stand out from the weekend is just how strong it was. I got letters and texts from several people who loved the training, who had huge breakthroughs in the public classes I taught as well as letters from a few people who were hurt by things I said, or who misinterpreted my comments in 180 degrees from how I meant them. So that tells me we were definitely in some kind of transformational zone for so much emotionally-laden content to surface.

I kept thinking about the time when we had a guest teacher come to the Immersion group in Tucson and how half the people loved it and half the people were offended. One very wise student observed- "Well, he said yoga is both fire and nectar. Some of us got fire. Some of us got nectar." It seemed like that was the case in the space at Breath and Body also. More could be said because really, it is an interesting topic but for now, that's kind of an overview of issues I am reflecting on. And really, from what I can tell, several issues on a few different levels were at play.

Kelly and I got on a plane on Monday and made our way to Arizona where we are in Prescott for a few days at my teacher's ashram before we head down for Part 3 Immersion in Tucson. Being here is always fantastic and also intense (fire and nectar- there it is again!) Seriously, the more I walk this path the more I realize that life is just full of both bitter and sweet feelings, experiences and moments. In fact, if we consider the whole "taste profile", sweet is only one of the flavors necessary for a complete profile. There is salty, pungent, bitter, sour, astringent AND sweet. So life is all of it. Like that.

All right, the weather is amazing and I am going to go out and hike in it. More soon.


Leslie Salmon said...
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Leslie Salmon said...

Wrote this once, then deleted. Not sure it came across right; so, try again:

In San Francisco, John cautioned us about the power of our words - that, used negatively, we are able to destroy. At that time, I thought "even our positive comments - if misconstrued or misunderstood - can do damage". I learned this firsthand from a student who came forward to talk to me about comments I had made; comments I thought were positive. A good, tho painful, lesson for me in observing my audience.

Enjoy Prescott & Tucson,

Anonymous said...

沒有一件事情是好的或壞的,是想法改變了一切。 ..................................................