Sunday, May 16, 2010


Here is the link for the slideshow from Saturday afternoon's practice at Breath and Body Yoga. We had a great time. We went pretty far afield from my plans- For instance, I had no designs on scorpion, rajakapotasana, ghanda bherandasana and so forth but we had such an all-star cast it was somewhat inevitable. We had a really good time, as far as I could tell. (I know this part of "we" had a blast at any rate!)

I made a comment at the end of class which I always say, with one addendum. I said, which I always say, "Thanks for coming, if you have questions, comments or concerns, please let me know..." and I added, "but don't send me an email, please."

So to be clear, what I meant by that addendum is that if you have an "issue" with class that you want to share with me, do not send me an email about it because emails are almost always misunderstood. Think about it- they lack facial expressions, vocal tone and in terms of interpersonal misunderstandings and conflicts, they rarely aid in real conflict resolution. Chances are I will take your email the wrong way and chances are you will take my response the wrong way. So if there is something you feel compelled to write me about along those lines, just come up to me and let me know what is going on or call me directly (512-665-3743) so we can actually have a discussion about it. I have been sent one too many emails lately outlining someone's feelings, only to spend a tone of time crafting a response back to them only to hear nothing in return and so the issue just hangs there with no closure, no conversation, no real resolution.

So, you might come up to me and tell me your feelings and we might not agree with one another but then at least we can acknowledge openly that we see things differently. Or we might get a chance to truly converse about things in a way that deepens our mutual understanding, respect, compassion and through which we gain insight into both sides of the situation. But either way, there is two-way conversation and a resolution even if that resolution is in the form acknowledged disagreement.

So, be put on notice that my expectation from this point forward is that if you are willing to write it to me, be willing to talk to me about it!

HOWEVER...feel free to send me long complimentary emails about your growth, your insights, and your gratitude for the yoga we do together. That kind of thing makes my day.

Again, we had a fabulous time at the practice and I am more and more convinced these days of the value of group practice opportunities. Not classes, not workshops, but a chance to explore together poses off the typical road map is such a great way to be together and to grow in one's practice. I love seeing people do thinkg I can't do in practice, I love watching people grasp things for the first time, I love the inspiration of being with a group of people who want to spend saturday afternoon sweating it out in a yoga studio.

In other news- I am going to be teaching Thursdays at Castle Hill this summer also. So through the summer, when I am home, my public class schedule is like this:

9:30-11:00 Focus on Form
6:00-7:30 Level 3/4

4:30-5:45ish Level 3/4
6:00-7:15 Level 2/3

I am hoping that we can re-instate the double dippers so that many of you will plan to come at 4:30 and leave at 7:15. In general in these back to back classes, if I teach forward bends at 4:30, I will teach back bends at 6 and vice versa so as not to be crazy to those of you accepting the double dipping challenge. Also, note that Sam Rice is joining the Castle Hill teaching team on Tuesdays at 4:30. Come at 4:30 for Sam, stay for 6:00 with Gia and do that on Tuesdays and Thursdays and just think what might happen!

All right then, enough promotions-- I am off to North Carolina for the Certified Teacher's Gathering. I am psyched about. Lots of meetings and so forth but it is always a lot of fun to gather with the tribe.

I am en route


Don Livingston said...

I liked your comment on e-mail. I have come to the conclusion that one should never address negative issues by e-mail. Instead, one on one contact and voice-to-voice (not voice-mail) by phone are much less likely to end up generating unintended misunderstanding or hostility.

bedery said...

Sweet practice yesterday! I'm always thankful for your insights, spectacular sequences and for the chance of catching on fire. Happy trails Christina. We'll miss you and I'm super happy about the double dipping op this summer. Bring it Love.

Anne-Marie Bowery said...

There's a nice set of comments on my most recent blog posting about the email technology issue.

KarenF said...

Hi Christina. I always really appreciate your posts. I think you are precisely hitting the nail on the head with the complexity of community, your recent observation of teaching being like "growing up in public" and everything about Kula that shines and radiates with the most potent loveliness and Work. Ann Lamott's obeservation that "only one/six-billionth of it is about me" comes to mind. :) Thanks so much for your fierce devotion to your Dharma.