Friday, June 11, 2010


So- this is exciting news. One of my students in Corpus Christi, TX, Beth Reese, has created a fantastic yoga program for kids called Yoginos. She has her DVD out now which is really fantastic. What is really cool is that when Beth was going through the Immerison and teacher Training process she was working on this program and teaching classes there at The Yoga Studio of Corpus Christi. So it is so fun to see a long term vision and project manifest.

Beth and I were having a long texting conversation the toher day and I mentioned to her how inspiring it is to see all that she has done with this program and with her life. Now, her life story is really hers to tell, and not mine to elaborate on on my blog, of course, but in the time I have known her she has gone through lots of personal house cleaning, changes, and big life transitions. She went from a new yoga teacher with a fledgling program and concept to a an experienced teacher who is now training people to teach yoga to kids and impacting lots of people in profound ways. So when I told her it was inspiring, she was like, "Well, I don't know about that..." I assured her if anyone told her her story, she would be like, 'That woman is totally bad ass!"

How true is that for a lot of us? Our life is just our life to us and we rarely see it from the outside as a lesson in growth, transformation, courage and tenacity. Instead, so often, we seem to get focused more on the direct experience of it and perhaps the ways we wished we were more graceful about growing and evolving and so forth. But sometime it is really good to get a little distance and tell ourself our own story and listen. I mean really listen to our challenges, heart breaks and triumphs as though someone else were telling us about themselves. Chances are., we would find ourselves a lot more impressive and inspiring and perhpas we would be a bit more compassionate with ourselves.

So Beth is a totally bad ass woman who has a ton to offer- not just the kids who get to learn yoga from her- but those kids of older ages (us adults!) who might want to learn from her about how to bring yoga to kids in creative and nurturing ways.

Another cool thing to note is that Beth is an art curator and so her video is filmed in the art museum in Corpus. She is also connecting with the Crow Museum in Dallas for her next project. I think this is very timely since we are moving so much more deeply into a consideration of Art and Culture with Anusara Yoga. So, just an interesting synchronicity.

Anyway, check it out.

And for those of you in Texas she has some upcoming promotional events in San Antonio worth checking out as well:

Sunday :: June 13 ::
1:00-2:15pm :: Yogiños Family Event @ Lululemon in the Quarry, free kids' yoga class & presentation by Zoomagination animals

Friday :: June 18 ::
6:30-8:30pm :: Yogiños "Be OHMazing!! Party & Health Expo" @ Trilogy Dance Center L


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