Sunday, November 13, 2011


Some folks asked me to post the playlist from tonight's vinyasa class at BFree Yoga.  We had a really fun time. Enjoy- Not a playlist for those of you who like a meditative, mellow flow. Not particularly introspective either. Its a playlist when back bends are on deck and a party is in the air.

Om- Soulfood
Guru Brahma- Jai Uttal
Elephant Power (Omstrumental)- MC Yogi
It's Love- Jill Scott
Funky Guru- Prem Joshua
Gotta Serve Somebody- Bob Dylan
We will Rock You- Queen
Beauty in the World- Macy Gray
Bring the Funk- Ben Harper
Om Shakti Om- Tervor Hall
Son of Shiva- Mc Yogi
A little less conversation- Elvis Remix
Ganesh is Fresh- Elephant Powered remix
Recreated- Denise Allen Band
My Baba featuring Krinsha Das- Trevor Hall
I am Yours- Jason Mraz
Hanuman Jai- Bronwin Rhodes
Amazing Grace- Atila the Hunza
I shall Believe- Sheryl Crow

Off to Arizona early in the morning tomorrow. More later.


erin said...

"A little less conversation, a little more action" is probably a song all of us yoga teachers could stand to go by every once in a while. You know, on those days when we've got sooooo much to say about, like, vira II.

Amy Cronise-Mead said...

Ha! I searched your name in iTunes to find out if you had the playlist there... It asked me if I meant to search for Christmas Bell...
There you have it.
much love to you this holiday season...