Monday, November 7, 2011

A Few Things on the Horizon

So, I mentioned that in a lot of ways for me, it is just business as usual. I spent the weekend in Corpus Christi, TX finishing teaching a 200--hour Teacher Training program there. We had such an amazing final weekend together. The group had become so close and supportive over the year and the personal insights and changes that the program initiated were so inspiring to hear about.  Such depth and richness.

I am home this week and then Kelly and I head out to Arizona for a three-week visit to Lee's ashram. The visit begins with a 5-day celebration in honor of his mahasamadhi which will begin at the time of his passing. While in Arizona I will teach a workshop in Prescott, one in Flagstaff and after our time in Prescott, I head down to Tucson to bring that cycle of training to a close with brother-D.  So, its the seasons of endings and completions, which, as we know, give rise to new beginnings.

And so that we can all turn our attention away from the reasons why we "left" Anusara Yoga and toward the future vision that is calling us into its realm, I want to share with you a bit about a project that Darren and I are working on. We are deep in the process of founding a school of yoga. The school will provide training and resources for yoga practitioners, teachers and those who wish to train teachers to grow in the light of the teachings and to share in the joy of the practice. We are not making a new style of yoga as  we are not interested in managing what you do with the information you get from us or in standardizing the way you express the inspiration you receive. So, to be clear, let's all think "school, not style." Think "trainings, not trademarks." Think "affiliation, not certification." We are dedicating our work to helping people engage traditional teachings in authentic ways so that a direct connection to the Heart's Light and its Source is established and the teachings of yoga are carried forward for generations to come.

Practically speaking, expect, over time, to see a 200-hour level Teacher Training program, a 500-hour Teacher Training program and supplementary courses in leadership skills, communication skills, group facilitation skills and curriculum design for yoga teachers. Plan on lots of asana practice, compassionate and rigorous self-study and expert guest teachers who are steeped in a life of yoga,  philosophy and spiritual practice.  Expect to hear about the great saints and sages who have walked the path before us and know that at the heart of this experience is the heart we all share and the company we keep along the way.

We have all kinds of details we are sorting out and more will be announced soon so don't press me too much on details! We are truly figuring this out as we go and as soon as we know anything, we are going to get the word out. (Of course, emails and messages that say "Yahoo" and "Can't wait" and "I love it" are always welcome) We are also working on programs together at The San Marcos School of Yoga so stay tuned for those announcements and trainings as well. And I will continue teaching weekend workshops and trainings and Darren has his work with YogaHour as well so we will also be working individually as well as collaboratively.

We are forging ahead in 2012 with a program that has 2 parts: The Path of Practice and Teacher Training. The Path of Practice, as you might guess by the name, is 100-hours of classroom time dedicated to helping participants deepen their personal practice of asana, pranayama and meditation. Particular attention will be placed on developing an authentic connection to your intuition and inner guidance through contemplation, study, writing and discussion. Experiential learning is key here so expect a lot of time on your mat. 

 The Teacher Training Program will help new and experienced teachers learn the fundamental teaching skills for teaching an effective and dynamic public asana class.  The emphasis here will be on clear, concise articulation of the practice and potent demonstration, observation and adjustment skills. Particular attention will be placed on finding ones powerful authentic voice as a teacher and developing personal magnetism and purpose.

For more information , please contact me directly or Rachel at Yoga Oasis. ( Out the programs together and you can register with us and with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level.

Okay- more soon.


laura-gee said...

This sounds so amazing Christina! Really happyy for you. I can't afford to do this in the next year but you've got me drooling over your Intensive already. :-)

mariacristinayogi said...

Every day I read your blog and your words open my heart inspiring all possibilities.
Seriously considering doing this training with you and Darren. Blessings to you; both mundane blessings, "Yahoo!" and sublime: "You are That."
I love you.

Shannon said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! Jai! May we continue to live the light of truth in our own hearts. Cannot wait to study with you further.

YogiGwen said...

Very much hopeful to have the opportunity to dive into further studies with you both in this foundation of a new school of practice.

Kat Colibrí said...

So excited, so excited, so excited! You are my hero!!

The Jade Apple said...
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The Jade Apple said...

Yahoo! Can't wait! I love it!!!

HighFiveMax said...

Hanuman Hell Yes

Terra said...

My hopes have been answered! I probably can't afford to do this training in 2012 but you better believe I'm going to make the next training come hell or high water!!!!!!! Jai Christina!


lizdkunz said...

You've got me for your 500-hour. Can hardly wait :).

Brandi said...

I honestly decided I was no longer being authentic to my Self or Anusara the same day you and Dharen made your choice. I found out a couple days later. Anyhow, thank you for articulating some of what I have felt in my heart as well. I wish you the best on your path.