Thursday, July 21, 2011


We had a fun time in group practice last night. We worked on sirsasana 2, bakasana, urdhva danuarasana, headstand dropover and standing up from urdhva danurasana

Childs Pose
Down Dog
Uttanasana with major shins in and thighs out
Surya Namasakar A 5X
Surya Namaskar B 5X (lots of major, relentless up dog work)
pigeon prep work
deep lunge with back knee down and twist to parsvakonasana
sirsasana 2- coming up with knees to chest, then knees to the sky, then straight legs, then coming down that way
succirandrasana to supta padangusthasana out to the side
one leg happy baby
happy baby pose into supine bakasana
succirandrasana to supta padangusthasana out to the side
happy baby pose  into supine bakasana
malsana to bakasana- several times
sirsasana 2 to bakasana- several times
shalabasaba- 3X
danurasana- 3X
urdhva danurasana- 5X
standing up form urdhva with partner
dropping over from sirsasana 2 with partner
urdhva danurasana- 2X
"rocking horse"
urdhva danurasana- drop back, stand up
* at this point you could put it together- sirsasana 2 to bakasana to sirsasana 2 to urdhva danurasana to standing up to dropping back 
sirsasana 2  to bakasana to sirsasna 2 to urdhva danurasana to viparita chakrasana
Down dog
down dog
ardha matsyendrasana  variation
pasrva uppa vistha konasana

I worked with the theme YES starting with a teaching from Douglas Brooks that OM is the sound of the Universe saying YES. And Yes, as an Open to Grace, idea is really about accepting our situation as it is and saying yes to it all- to the agony and the ecstasy, the triumph and the tragedy, and  the ways we might be victimized as well as the ways we are empowered. To me, this kind of Yes is what Open to Grace is all about.  From this clear vision, this full-hearted acceptance of life as it is, we get to make choices about how we want to align and the yoga then becomes a series of yes's and no's.

It was a good practice. I am so enjoying the Wednesday night class and all the people who so regularly come to practice. I had planned to give the class and not teach on the fall schedule but last week I kept looking around and seeing how awesome everyone was and how much they have supported the class over the years and I thought to myself, "I can't stop teaching this class now!! It is just getting really good! And John is coming in April and I want to really prepare people for that and did I mention how good everyone is getting?!"

So I called up Stefania and asked if I could change my mind and she said yes. So, I will not be here at all in August- enjoy the good times with Jess G and Sam- and then in September I will be back in action on Wednesday nights. 

There is more to share for sure - upcoming trainings, John Friend's visit to Austin in April 2012 and all kinds of insights and excitements about the meeting me, Jess G, and Mandy  had (which was awesome and inspiring and will bring great things for all of us) but I want to get on my mat before the day slips away and I get lost to the mound of emails awaiting me. 

Also, we have to go take a trip down to San Marcos to meet the painters who are going to paint the property and get it ready for business.  We are going to have a few classes down there in the fall and some trainings in December, March and April so stay tuned for more information on that or visit us online at  If you would, please become our Friend on Facebook so we can keep you in the loop that way. The School is going to have some ongoing public classes and will be home to fantastic trainings and intensives. I am so excited to be working towards this vision of focused, intimate offerings for seasoned practitioners and teachers who want to go deeper into the practices in meaningful community. We have a community house for meals and classrooms and bodywork as well as a studio space for 40 and a lovely piece of property that is going to be turned into a great place to hang out and unwind. All this, just a hop skip and a jump away from an amazing river and 30 minutes outside of Austin.

i spent the day Tuesday working on the space some. I reorganized the studio, did a prop inventory and reorganization and did some cleaning. Here are a few pictures.

 Props! Another 20 chairs to buy , 60 more blankets to purchase and 40 more blocks to order. Then 40 students can each have 3  blankets, a chair and 2 blocks. Can you say "Deepen your practice with Props" workshop?!

Here is Kelly Berry enjoying the space.

Here is Kelly and Kelly Berry worrying about how Moshie is doing in surgery. He actually came through okay and is resting at the vet and will come home today if everything goes as planned. He had a growth on his spleen and some bleeding from that.

All right, more on all this later. Now, on to asana.

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jessica said...

This is so exciting Christina! I look forward to checking out the school. You're always an inspiration. Thank you for being my teacher. Love to you!