Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Morning

Well, I had a really fun time last night at the Book Signing Class and Party. Noah and I taught Immersion all day- which was full of interesting nuggets as always- and around 6:00, after some forward bends and meditation, we started hearing folks assembling outside for the event. It was so cool for me to hear people talking and laughing and being together.

I told the group this last night but when I envisioned these yoga practices and parties to help promote my new book, I did not envision them as "Christina Sell Events" as much as community events. My hope was that my book and its release my give us all a reason to be together as practitioners who are walking the path together.  Last night was just that. We had certified teachers, Anusara-inpired teachers and folks brand new to the method all in the room together. Particularly sweet for me was that several of my students brought their students and also fun was that LA peep that I know from Tucson were there like Natacha, and Whitney who I know from Tucson but is from Seattle but just moved to LA and Tearson who is from Austin but just moved to LA and Beth from Corpus came since she was in the area working on her Yoginos project. So it was fun for me to see people from different geographic regions together in community in this way.

Community is a hot topic, for sure. I mean when it is working, there is noting better and when it is discordant, very little feels more painful. We spent a lot of time talking about community in our Immersion and so perhaps it was placed in the forefront of my mind yesterday to begin with. But as I was in the back getting my microphone on I felt so filled with gratitude to be part of this gang of people. It was a night when the flow of the joy of being together was full and embodied.

We had a fun class together- which at some point will be available for download on yogaglo- and then we had a potluck dinner and book signing, which was great. I loved the whole event.

More soon.

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