Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yogaglo Immersion Day One

So, diving back into Immersion land with an interesting and diverse group of yogis assembled for 5 days with me and Noah Maze at Yogaglo. We have people from all over the country here to work with us and from varied background and experiences. It's going to be an amazing week.

We spent the morning on orientation and welcome with a lovely Open to Grace class. We had a long lunch break and I even had a chance to walk along the beach with Noah. Then the afternoon we covered some introductory ideas about Anusara and it's philosophy as well as the basics of headstand and shoulder stand and an introduction to meditation. It was a super full day of teaching topped off with a visit to Kathryn Budig's class and dinner with April.

I really enjoy being here and teaching with Noah. I am also really riding a lovely full feeling after this last weekend in Austin. Each segment of my last weekend - working with Ross, my immersion, my class at Lululemon and the Origin Release party was filled with such awesomeness that when the event on the Whole Foods rooftop was done, I said to Kelly, "That was one of my favorite weekends in a long time." I think it was such a good weekend for me because I really felt like a part of Austin and involved in the community in an authentic and joyful way all weekend. I got to seem so many people I know well and love a lot as well as meet some new friends and make some new connections. All in all, pretty great.

I wanted to check in here but I don't have time or energy to articulate anything super insightful or meaningful tonight. Sleep beckons and we are back in action immersing at 8am tomorrow.

More tomorrow.

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