Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Morning

Well, its been a very busy, very fun few days.

Thursday afternoon I did a nice long back bend practice before meeting up with Ross at Castle Hill for our class. We had a fun time together and I so enjoyed seeing everyone and getting a chance to work with Ross. Team teaching can be really fun because with a lot of us, we were all coming up in the certification process together and have been students together for over 12 years. We are used to rolling out a mat together but not so much seeing each other teach and so its super fun to see how that domain of everyone's lives have grown, evolved and manifested over the years. We taught a strong class with a back bend emphasis. Good times. Not conducive of sleep, mind you, but fun nonetheless.

Friday morning Ross and I led a practice with strong vinyasa, arm balances and more backbends. (Different back bends, of course.) we had some new folks who didn't come Thursday night as well as several people who came to both sessions. All in all, it was a fun, joyful and delightful time with lots of work, sweat and laughter.

Ross took off to go teach in Dallas and Kelly and I had a visit to Luluemon, lunch with my parents and then we made it home. I did some work and the headed up to Breath and Body for the Immersion. I can't say enough about this group of immersion students. The level of studentship is very high and we are covering a lot of ground. We worked on Expanding and Contracting Spirals in the legs as well as some philosophy about the Six Attributes of the Absolute and it was a great night.

I got up Saturday to go teach at Luluemon. There was a lovely group of yogis there, most of whom I have never met and had never done Anusara Yoga so that was fun. We worked up to a few arm balances with some basic alignment strategies and if I do say so myself the class was inspiring and I managed to teach and not just lead a practice. I felt really good about the class and the students.

Kelly and I went to Whole Foods after that to get groceries, then walked around Town Lake and then came home for lunch. After a few moments of pause at home, I went up to Breath and Body for the Immersion. Again, by the end of the day, I was stunned by all we had covered- back bend practice with lots of alignment and refinement, a brief history of yoga and the three main schools and a introduction to the axial and appendicular skeleton.

This morning we head back up to Breath and body for the last day of Part One. Its been an amazing process, as always and I am always intrigued by how different every group is, how different every training is and how the "same" information is never the same. My teaching is always shifting, the students are different and interested in different shades and nuanaces from group to group. Also, weekend formats are so different than the weeklong format. Each have their pros and each have their cons, which of course, is nothing new.

All right, after Immersion today I am teaching on the rooftop of Whole Goods for the Origin Magazine release party. It's gonna be a fun event, so please show up if you can and add your presence to the fun.

Tomorrow I head out to Los Angeles to teach an Immersion with Noah.

On another exctiing note, I heard from my editor that we should be getting my book back from the printers within the week. Yippee. Although that means I have to step up a lot of my planning since I was gearing up to be ready by June for a June 1 release. But it also means I will have it for sale in Tucson this month so those of you coming for Immersion 3 and for Magnificence with me, Amy and D will get a chance to buy it!

I am planning release parties in Austin in June, Los Angeles in July, Boulder in August and New York in September, so stay tuned for details about how to help get the word out and celebrate as a community.

So wow. I must say when I write it all out like this I feel a bit amazed. Life right now for me is in a very expansive time and I am enjoying it. If I think too much about my schedule and "to do" list it can be a bit overwhelming. But when I just do the next thing in front of me, it's a very fun ride. And really, I am so deeply grateful to the many people who are supporting me in this journey in various ways.

More soon.

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