Thursday, April 14, 2011

More pictures

A before practice visit to Lululemon where the lovely lemon Ande and I had on matching tops!

Scenes from group practice:

For Brigitte who asked so nicely that the sequece be posted--This was a good old-fashioned approach to backbends which can be summed up as "stretch your quads and open your upper back":

1 minute timings:
childs pose
parsva adho mukha vajrasana
revolved childs pose
shoulder stretches on belly
eka pada bhekasana
half dog- arms out in front- life arm bones, melt heart big time
Down dog with deep upper back work

1 minutes timings in vinyasa with deep, working, major cobras and no pec-tightening chatarangas:
eprk with back bend
eprk with quad stretch
anjaneyasana with quad stretch
revolved lunge with quad stretch on forearm 
virasana with gomukhasana arms
vira 1 with gomukasana arms
parsvottanasana with gomukhasana arms
clasped prasarita paddottanasana

pinca with palms up
danurasana to cobra
danurasana to danurasana/bhekasana to cobra
bhekasana to cobra

1 minute timings:
urdhva danurasana 3X
dwi pada viparita dandasana 3X
Supta padangusthasana -out to the side

eprk 1, 2, 3, 4
kapinjalasana in urdhva danurasana

down dog
parsva uttanasana
childs pose
adho mukha sukhasana 2 X changing the corss of the legs
Supta padangusthasana variation- hands interlaced behind thigh

supta tadasana


Have at it. Let me know how it goes.


brigitte said...

wow! was there another Brigitte there?
I didn't ask but, I couldn't be happier to receive this gift. Thanks Christina.
Sorry I couldn't be at practice last night but I'll be sure to make next week's.

Christina Sell said...

Brigitte in St. Louis!

Justicia said...

oh, do I get to keep my pelvis off the ground initially in eprk 4?

lightbulb moment!

brigette said...

thank you so much for posting, christina. I'll practice this tomorrow afternoon :)

Dale said...

Good to see that I'm not the only one whose sit bones will not descend in EPRK # :-).

Looks like I really missed a great practice !!!!

btw, Gio has a great sequence specifically for approaching EPRK3...

Kelly Lowry said...

the series you posted fits perfectly into the backbend series i've been teaching for the last two weeks. tonight's class called for a little more, and this is spot on. thanks, christina!

kelly lowry
yogalicious studio
spartanburg, sc

Kimberly Achelis Hoggan said...

wish i live closer to you :)