Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A few pics from the last few weeks

All right- I am finally getting a few moments to check in here before heading out for group practice at The Castle.  Here is a brief pictorial review of my last few weeks. 

After teaching an amazing Immersion weekend in Austin, I got on a plane and headed out to Yogaglo. I stayed right on Venice Beach- which I love. Here are a few pics form my morning walk:

This is a view from my hotel room window!

A sign in Santa Monica on my way to take class at Yogaworks.

After Yogaglo, I went to Columbia, South Carolina for a wonderful weekend at City Yoga. We posted footage and pictures from that already so scroll back few entries for more if you missed it.  It is always great to be with the City Yoga gang. They are under the skillful guidance and leadership of Stacy Milner Collins who is such an amazing teacher and practitioner. One of the great things about the community at City Yoga, in my opinion, is how loving and welcoming they are.  They are southern hospitality at its finest. Also, I love how much they love their teacher. They have it really good with Stacy and her team of teachers and they all know it. So the other hallmark of their community is gratitude. Love and gratitude are such attractive qualities in a community and they really taught me a lot about how wonderful of an energetic field those two virtues can create. Good times for sure.

Then I went to Whistler, BC for three days of fun with Lululemon and the Ambassador Summit. Here are some pictures from that.

Me and Kelly before dinner, decked out in lulu gear.

Me and Gioconda- two Austin representatives. We were both so happy to be there together and having two of us from one stroe was pretty special!

Me, Baron Baptiste and Gia having a blast.

me and Bekkah before morning yoga. I think Bekkah had slept like 4 hours or so. Her plane was delayed, her luggage was lost but still she was smiling.

Product design brainstorming session.


I went from Whsiteler to Arcata, California. How pretty is the Northern California Coastline?

I had a good time in Arcata with the folks there. I love Humboldt County and the whole vibe there is mellow, sincere, authentic and heartfelt. The students are sincere, inquisitive and hard working. We did lots of technical work on asanas and creative new approaches to the principles and explored some new and familiar terrain together. I think it was a great success.

And then the day after I got home form California, Kelly and I started taking scuba lessons for our upcoming trip to Florida. This is Kelly taking notes at the scuba place.

 Okay- more to do. I will write more tomorrow.

Have fun!


USCJan said...

Tks for your sweet comments about the City Yoga kula/SC kula :) we do love Stacey & have been blessed by her teachings & a lovely studio :) you hit the nail on the head. And ...we get to have awesome guest teachers :)

Dale said...

Remember, if your air shuts off for any reason, just whistle a happy tune until you get to the surface :-).