Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Morning

Well, I am officially tired. Coming home on Tuesday and teaching yesterday was bit too much for the energy I had left after a long teaching tour on the road. I was not at my best yesterday morning although I did my best relative to the circumstance I found myself in. Focus on Form went pretty well, I thought. We worked with some details on kidney loop and on refining the front leg in pasrvakonasana and took that into maricyasana 1 and then eka hasta bhujasana. We even got headstand and halasana in which was great.

I did have an interesting encounter with a student in the Seniors Yoga class who really hated my class. (She may have actually not liked me at all either, come to think of it!) Anyway, it always amazes me how strong people's feeling are about yoga classes. I mean really, it's an hour out of our life and in this case $7 out of the wallet and it boggles my mind how much things not going according to one's expectations can cause upset.

When I think about this from a generous viewpoint, I am aware that this phenomenon speaks to the deep passion we all feel for the practice and for the important place it holds in people's lives and in their day. I am well aware of how a great practice or class can elevate our whole day and so obviously, the opposite must hold true as well. But wow, sometimes I feel like shouting, "Jesus Christ! It's just a yoga class!"

Anyway- enough about that. After attempting to discuss this woman's feelings with her and offer an explanation for why I think developing strength is important to the aging process and a failed attempt at educating her into the fact that modified standing postures are, indeed, appropriate for people over 55, as well as a failed attempt to acknowledge that I am aware that yoga is not simply athletic even though I am fit, Mom and Dad and I met Kelly at Whole Foods for lunch. That was fun- the weather is perfect here right now and we had a lovely time sitting out on the patio together.

After that Kelly and I picked up my photo shoot clothes at Lululemon and had a visit with the most wonderful ladies there yesterday. That was super fun. I was trying a sweater on and parading around the store in my Lulu gear and customers kept asking me about the different clothes and so forth, thinking I worked there, which was hilarious. I didn't correct their perception and I even closed a sale on a lovely Express Yourself wrap and got someone started on a full-support tank with a matching pair of pants. Good times.

I came home and did my asana practice and then went back to The Castle for the advanced class which was a lot of fun. We did some strong work in standing poses, some interesting handstand variations, looked at mayurasana explored the variations on bharadvajasana and then padmasana and then into pasrva sarvangasana in padmasana. Such great students in that class. They are so respectful, so hard working, and so deep in their commitment. The class is a true pleasure.

All right then. I have a bunch to do today and should probably get started on it. I am pretty excited about being home this weekend.

If you haven't already, please sign up for the workshop with me and Noah. We are gathering a lovely group together and I would like to have a very good turn out for the event. I will be gone for most of the month following this workshop and for the first two weeks of December and so if you want to get some time in with me, this is a great opportunity to have me at my best. Teaching with Noah is one of my favorite things because I really feel we bring out the best in each other as people and as teachers. Don't miss this!


Mary S said...

I have no idea what happened after your seniors class - but I have real issue with those that think that 55 is old - even those that feel that way about themselves. I think they are selling themselves short. 55 is prime - I plan on it being about the half way point. 55 and up is when you start getting your groove. Ok, rant over (and quite edited).

Barefootlotuss said...

Gee, I didn't know all that occurred in that sweet little seniors class. . .kind of a slap for you in your great intentions to create that class. . which I've taken twice and thought was totally appropriate to the stated purpose. You bounced back and I had a great time in both classes. . glad you are resting.

carol said...

Oh my God,
I will be 55 in 2 months...I hope that I can continue a full out practice for years to come. Why wouldn't we want to be strong? I do modified standing poses with my 70 years plus students and they just keep getting stronger!

Kelly said...