Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Morning

Good morning!

I had a great night sleep last night and I think the acupuncture I got from Kelly and the herbs he gave me a d a mellow weekend of rest seems to have helped me move through whatever cold I was fighting upon my return. I feel much more like myself today.

Like I said it was a mellow weekend for me. I had my photo shoot for Lululemon on Friday afternoon. Kelly captured some fun footage from it. Click here to watch.

Saturday I was feeling pretty lousy but I did spend some time at the Apple Store getting myself switched over to Apple from PC. So that was a big thing over the weekend. I am hopeful that my technology tools will be a little more integrated and easier to use- once I learn to use them, that is.

Yesterday I felt well enough for a walk on the greenbelt and to reorganize my office- since I was getting a new computer and everything- (and yes, I did my closets this weekend also!) Since I am no on a mac I could finally download Darren's iphone app Yoga Hour and I practiced with it. I really liked it. It has good solid instructions, everything you need for a nice home practice, nothing you don't. Good times.

Here are a few scenes-- Kelly was playing with his new iphone camera and all its fancy processing options for artistic effect.

Anyway- here it is Monday- I have a bunch of work to keep doing to get all my ducks in a row for my next sojourn in November. I will be gone for almost 6 weeks with lots of stops along the way and so there is always lots to get organized before that sort of trip.

more tomorrow.

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