Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July

Well, it was a great Fourth of July day. Kelly and I woke up early and went down to San Marcos. We spent about an hour on the river boating which was super fun. I had some great spins in the wave and Kelly pulled off a few cartwheels and the rains never came which was great.

We came home, ate lunch and then I did a little follow work to the storefront for the Christina Sell Yoga Podcasts. The first one is up so you can go buy it. More to come. We will be refining them and working out some of the production kinks as we go along so keep tuning in. (Also, if you order one you will get two emails with the purchase. One will be a receipt and the second will have a download link.)

All right, then we made our way over to Clear Spring Studio and had our practice. I had a really good time. There are some pictures posted on Facebook if you want to see a few scenes. What was really great was that we had a fun mixture of people who practice primarily flow, a few great Iyengar folks, some Ashtanga Vinyasa practitioners as well as the Anusara Yogi's. I love it when diverse yoga communities come together and share what we all have in common- asana, laughter, love of the practice and a dedication to the the heart. To me, these things transcend labels, methods and conventions associated with each.

We did a sequence that didn't have a lot of flow in it at all but used some very deep and careful preparatory work to get to urdhva danurasana, dwi pada viparita dandasana, natrajasana and the eka pada rajakpotasana and other fun excursions like kapotasana, drop backs and so forth. I really did enjoy the time and my practice felt great. People seemed to do a good job of going for it and also resting when necessary.

All right, that's about it for now. more tomorrow.

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