Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July

Good morning!

I got up yesterday and did my morning practices and then met Gioconda at Bodhi Yoga for Chris Rossbach's class which was a lot of fun. Chris is an avid Ashtanga Vinyasa practitioner and so his flow classes convey his commitment to that style of yoga- not just in the forms of the psotures or the sequencing as he certainly varies from that a fair amount- but in the mood and attitude he brings to class as a teacher. I really enjoy his classes. He holds the energy well and yet he is very much out of the way. He is kind, funny, compassionate and asks for a fair amount of work in a respectful and patient. Good fun.

Gia and I met up with Kelly at Whole Foods (this is becoming my favorite Saturday morning ritual when I am in town- class with Gia or Chris and then a lunch date with Gia at Whole Foods.) We had a great time and then Kelly and I did our grocery shopping and came home for an afternoon of study (Kelly) and work (me.)

Speaking of work, I got the first audio podcast uploaded a ready for sale! This is big news. You can get it at If you click on the title of the product you can see the sequence. Keep in mind, this is audio only from a live yoga class- no frills, no embellishments, nothing fancy, nor am I trying to hit every mark on a video assessment so don't email me and tell me how it wouldn't pass a certification video assessment! (kidding. sort of!) Anyway, the idea is to invite you into the good clean yoga fun with the Wednesday Night Gang- (who by the way, are kind of bad ass, so be ready.) As time goes by, I will also post the Thursday night class (who are also a hard-working group) but that class is a level 2/3 class as opposed to level 3/4. Think: All the same hard work you have come to know and love in one of my classes, just not as deep into the syllabus as 3/4. Anyway, download the class, practice with it, let me know what you think. More classes to come.

All right, Kelly and I are gonna hit the river before the crowds and before the rains. And if you are free this afternoon, please come to group practice at Clear Spring Studio at 2pm. Think deep backbends (eka padas, natrajasana, kapotasana, etc.) with a somewhat mellow approach. (Meaning, not lots of flow or fanfare today, just deep preparatory work for the most part.) I would love to see you there.

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