Friday, August 10, 2007


I have been getting ready for this weekend with such enthusiasm. I have been pouring over the curriculum, deciding on class themes and sequences, thinking about all the folks who are going to be here for the weekend. (For those of you interested in more information about the immersion and what we are up to, you can visit for the overview.)

When I got stated in Anusara Yoga in 1999, there were no such things as Immersions. We just went to classes and workshops and learned a little bit at a time over a long period of time and we put the pieces together slowly. A few years ago, John Friend, in his infinite wisdom, compiled a curriculum of 108 hours that covers all of the foundational concepts and techniques of Anusara Yoga. The Immersion was born. Now people can get all of the information presented to them in a clear, organized, step-by-step way. In less than a year, the basics of the method are outlined for people. It is really so cool.

Now the Immersion is a prerequisite for Teacher Training in Anusara Yoga which is awesome because it makes sure that all teachers are practitioners and students first. No one gets trained in teaching Anusara Yoga who isn't first and foremost a practitioner of the method. (And hopefully a "true believer"!)

This is the third Immersion I have done. The first was in Prescott, Arizona. The second was last year in White Rock, British Columbia. The coolest thing is that when a group comes together for something like this there is such a great bond and such a deep possibility for transformation that gets created. I am excited to be diving in again.

Kelly, my husband, is going to come to Austin this weekend and take pictures of our group so stay tuned for pics of the extravaganza! Plus my sister, Anne is coming and I am going to have the awesome assistance of Amanda Daly and Mandy Eubanks throughout the immersion. It hardly feels like I am actually going back to work. It is more like I am going to see all my friends!

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Laura said...

Instant gratification! I love it! Thanks Kelly!
It was great meeting everyone this weekend - looking forward to September!
:) Laura