Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Anniversary Party

Okay-- here are some of the many fabulous pics from the anniversary party. We had such a fun time. I so enjoyed being with everyone and practicing together. I will have to look at the calendar and see when we can make up an occasion to do it again!

This morning in practice I shared a little about meeting Desiree Rumbaugh back in 1999. I didn't share the rest of the story. After the first class I took with Des I started going to her studio as much as I could because I was so smitten with Anusara. She lived 2 1/2 hours away from me, so several Fridays a month I would get up super early and drive to her studio for her 9:00 and 11:30 classes. (By the way- her first class was an advanced class from 9-11 and the second class was a beginning class from 11:30-1. I took both classes religiously for several years. I learned more about how to teach Anusara Yoga from her beginning level classes than from any advanced class or any teacher training I have ever been to. I share that because I am always asked about Teacher Training and about how to teach beginners. I want to go on record that the best teacher training you can give yourself is to go to a good teacher's class and be a student of their teaching while they are in action. Just my opinion, but it is my blog after all!)

So back to the story- Desiree, in the first few months was always talking about John Friend and how I needed to meet him.

Turns out he was scheduled to come and teach an inteneive at her studio in February 2000. (Here is another cool thing- the first time I worked with him there were 40 people in the room. Now you never see him with under 150.) A few weeks before the intensive she called me and said, "Someone dropped out of the workshop. Is there any way you can come? It will cost $400."

I didn't hesitate. I said, "Of course."

Now at this time, I had just quit a very stressful job and my husband and I had no money. In fact, when I looked in the checkbook after my phone calle with Des, we actually had only $400 in our account. Kelly, without pause, said, "You should go. This is important."

I do not think that either of us knew exactly how important it actually would turn out to be. Everything changed for me after I spent a week with John Friend and began to really pratice the principles of Anusara Yoga. (So much so that I even wrote a book about it!)

Years later I asked Des, "How long was the waiting list for that workshop?" She smiled and said, "You have no idea."

So- I practice Ansuara Yoga in a lot ways because of her. The week with John Friend (that had been sold out for close to a year that she let me into) put me on this path. How awesome is that? So again, I want to honor her, I want to thank John Friend and the power of Grace that worked through him to bring us Anusara Yoga and the power of Grace that keeps bringing all of us together in this great practice of yoga. Thanks for sharing the journey with me.

Blessings. Enjoy the pics. Stay in touch.


venus said...

This was a WONDERFUL anniversary party. My love for yoga keeps getting stronger and stronger. Thanks everyone for participating and thank you Cristina for all that you do and bring to the world. I look forward to many more incredible experiences.

NeoMystic said...

Awwww, I LOVE THESE PICS! I wish I could have been there. I can't wait to bring my baby into this wonderful yoga family.

So much love and so many laughs,
Liz B.