Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Scene From Asana Junkies Practice Club and Webinar

So as some of you know, I have been exploring the joys of web-based teaching for a few years. Several years ago, I offered an Online Teacher Mentoring Group for Anusara Yoga certification candidates that was a great success. Since that time, online yoga offerings have grown exponentially and I have continued to offer classes on yogaglo and to offer webinars on topics ranging from sequencing to body image to The Inner Life of Practice.   My latest offering is the Asana Junkies Practice Club which started yesterday.

We had a call that was filmed where I gave the course outline and offered a 2-hour intermediate-level sequence that I reviewed. I also provided options for 90-minutes, 60-minutes, 30-minutes and a few 15-minute practice. I answered questions and provided some theory behind the sequence and then we carried the conversation over to our  Facebook Group, where folks in the group can log in and share their insights, victories, exchanges ideas, information and so on. I also post teaching clips from YogaTips, from the previously recorded content as well as from our onsite group practice here in Austin.

I have really missed having a regular group practice here in Austin and I wanted this webinar to be as grounded in real life as possible so I am really happy that we are working on the sequences locally as well.  I have been encouraging participants to start practice groups where they are and we have local groups all across the world, which is really an exciting thing.

This program incorporates three things I love a lot: 1.) Asana Studies and Practice.  2.)Being Part of an ongoing and committed  practice group. 3.) Being consciously connected to a larger, world-wide community of yoga practitioners.

Anyway, I am very inspired and on fire about this program. Here is a clip (one of many) from our practice here at Bfree Yoga.

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