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Asana Junkies Practice Club

I have spent a lot of time writing these days about the power of group practice and watching my own passion for teaching in that forum grow and expand with appreciation for all the possibilities that exist when a group of people commit to practicing together over  period of time. And so many recent webinar participants have been asking for an asana-based webinar in which to participate. So here it is- THE ASANA JUNKIES PRACTICE CLUB WEBINAR!

The basic run down is that I am going to teach a weekly webinar and introduce a sequence each week that will start more basic and fundamental and will work towards some more advanced postures over the 3-month program.  This progressive approach will be optimal to build a strong foundation, learn the various ways to work in and towards the harder stuff and will help people grow together and will help teachers see how to sequence not only within one class but over the course of several months. In addition to reviewing the sequence I will share some tips about how to modify and how to wok into those poses deeper, answer questions, , give teaching tips, etc. In general, the webinar is  a place for me to give the intellectual "how-to" for the week's sequence. Also, I will give some suggestions for how to work on the sequence even if you do not have a full 2-hours to practice it.

And each week, I am going to teach a group practice here in Austin at Bfree Yoga.  In this way I will be working directly on the sequence and  practice and exploring the content first hand as well. So one the webinar "how to" is offered for the intellect (Along with some inspirational pep talks for the heart and spirit) each person or group of people will practice the sequence or parts of it  in their own way and put the information into ACTION. I am not providing a script or a led-class format via webinar but instead want to help people really learn how to generate intensity on their own and how to advance through both individual and group practice. Also, teachers will get lots of information that will be immediately relevant to their classes. 

I have this vision that people will sign up for the webinar wherever they live and if they are alone they will have group support, and if they have a group they practice with already they will have access to hints, tips and camaraderie through which they can  build an even stronger group. I also hope that this program will help people start group practices where they live to build their local communities through practice and the direct experience of being on the mat together.  

To me this is an exciting program because it has the possibility to  strengthen individual practitioners  and teachers and bond local communities AND can provide a hub of connection to a larger network and community  of practitioners.  Already we have people participating here in Austin and across the states as well as in Canada,  Patagonia, Ireland, Denmark, Mexico, etc. The program is both local and global.

 I will be writing more about the course as time goes by but here is initial course description and the link for registration.  As usual, the webinar tuition is tiered to accommodate different budgets and to encourage participation. Let me know if you have questions.

Asana Junkies Practice Club Webinar
January 9, 2013 - March 20, 2013

Are you a teacher who wants to deepen your practice and work on more advanced postures but you are not sure where to begin?

Do you often wish you had a group of yoga enthusiasts to inspire you, urge you onward into more advanced postures and with whom you can explore creative ideas and sequencing strategies?

Are you an experienced student who has always wondered how to advance your practice and can’t find a public class where the “how to” of the postures is thoroughly explained?

Are you looking for a way to refine and expand your practice this year and would love some help and comraderie along the way?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Asana Junkies Practice Club is for you. Designed especially for dedicated students and teachers who want to work on intermediate and advanced postures in personal and/or group practice, this 11-week course utilizes webinar meetings, video lessons, web-based group sharing and the power of group intention to create a dynamic personal and shared experience.

The course is divided into 3 sequential and progressive parts:  Establish a Foundation, Deepen Your Knowledge and Expand Your Expression. Each month, Christina Sell will develop three to four suggested sequences to help you explore and refine your asana practice. Each week, she will host a webinar to review the upcoming week’s sequence. Christina will provide options and suggestions for how to work with the suggested sequences in a 2-hour practice, a 90-minute practice, a 60-minute practice and a 30-minute practice. Throughout the course, an online forum will be open for Q&A, group sharing and inspirational quotes, video clips and lessons.

Christina Sell is known for her clarity and passion as a teacher and is quickly becoming recognized as an expert on sequencing strategies, teaching methods and group process. She was the 2012 Art of Asana columnist for Yoga International Magazine and conducts seminars and trainings locally, nationally, and internationally on yoga practice, yoga teaching and conscious living. Dedicated to the transformational power of group practice, Christina will be teaching a 11-week course in Austin, TX throughout the duration of the online course and encourages you to create a group practice using the course materials as well. In this way she hopes to keep the content fresh, immediate and relevant to our personal and collective experiences.

Webinar Meeting:
Wednesday Mornings 10:00-11:00 Central Standard Time

Begins Wednesday January 9!



Tuition: $360 ($33/week)

PLEASE NOTE: This webinar is tiered with a sliding scale to accommodate a variety of budgets. If you need financial help use the following tiers and discount codes when you register:
Tier #2- $300 ($25/week) USE DISCOUNT CODE 25
Tier #3- $220 ($20/week) USE DISCOUNT CODE 20
Tier #4- $165 ($15/week) USE DISCOUNT CODE 15


Asana Syllabus (a general plan)

A copy of Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar is suggested.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to be able to do all of these postures! These are the postures that we are going to work on, learn how to modify and how to approach safely. The emphais of the course is on finding good ways to prepare for and work towards advanced postures.

Establish A Foundation
Peak Postures:
Urdhva Danurasana
Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana
Pinca Mayurasana
Head Stand
Shoulder Stand
Side Plank
parsva bakasana
baddha konasana
uppa vista konasana

Deepen Your Knowledge
Peak Postures:
Drop Backs
Headstand drop -overs
rajakapotasana- royal king pigeon pose
Headstand and introductory variations
Shoulderstand and introductory variations
mayurasana- peacock pose
eka pada galavasana- one leg partridge
padmasana- lotus pose
pascimottanasana- intense west stretch

Expand Your Expression
Peak Postures:
eka pada raja kapotasana- one-leg royal king pigeon pose
natrajasana- dancer pose
vrisikasana- scorpion pose
headstand and variations
shoulderstand and variations
eka hasta mayurasana- one-arm peacock
kukkutasana- cock pose
visvamitrasana- friend of the universe p
eka pada sirsana- leg behind the head
hanumanasana- full splits

This is going to be great!  


Kimberly Drye said...

oh my gosh, I would love to participate in this, I think I can manage the $15/wk, and I am wondering if I can pay weekly???

Christina Sell said...

contact my assistant Sam Rice at and she will set this up for you.