Thursday, November 1, 2012

Yoga Tips with Christina Sell - Pincha Mayurasana

So here is the second lesson in my Yoga Tips Series on Pincha Mayurasana. It builds from some of the ideas in the handstand video so if you haven't seen that one, scroll back two entries and check that out.

Also for the sequence junkies out there here is the sequence we worked on in our group practice yesterday. It has no big vinyasas or anything like that so work hard in the postures to get the benefits and the openings you need of if you can not  bear to look at back bends with no surya namaskar, then add that in. The thinking here is to use the headstand and long holds to build the heat without tiring out the arms since there is a lot of arm strength needed for this sequence- bakasana, parsva bakasana, mayurasana, pinch mayurasana, scorpion, etc.  We had a great time with it. If you have more time and you have lotus, posture, add in kukutasana and parsva kukutasana as they make a lot of sense in this sequence after the lotus work in vatayanasana and before the mayurasanas.  Anyway, enjoy.

1 minute timings:
Childs pose
Down dog
prasarita paddottanasana

sirsasana- 5 minutes

1 minute timings-
virabhadrasana 1
revolved trikonasana
revolved parsvakonasana

adho mukha svasana
child's pose
pasrva adho mukha vajrasana, twisted to a 90 degree angle
Parsva adho mukha vajrasana, twisted to a 45 degree angle

baddha konasana upright
baddha konasana, forward bended
maricyasana 1
sirsasana 2 to bakasana

pasasana, 3 X
parsva bakasana
sirsasana 2 to parsva bakasana

setu bandha
chatush padasana
urdhva danurasana 4X

ardha baddha padmottasasana upright (or Bikram tree)
toe stand
advanced toe stand variation- lower down no hands, take lotus leg out straight in front of you and then put it back in lotus and come up no hands)
padma mayurasana
one- arm mayurasana

(we abandoned timings at this point)
pinca mayurasana
Upward Facing Dog
deep cobras
Scorpion pose on forearms
handstand scorpion

Adho mukha svasansana
childs pose
parsva agnisthambhasana

savangasana- 5 minutes


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Leslie said...

Thanks Christina! This was the basis for yesterday's 'Practice' at downtown YO with the inspirational Stephani Lindsey :)

Look forward to your workshop in December!