Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A few updates and thoughts on future offerings

So I have spent the last week at home implementing a new project management system which I am loving! And as I work through my to-list I am finding oh-so-satisfying to make things off my list with a little electronic check mark. (I am sure this is some predictable personality trait of mine.) I spent this morning working on the next Yoga International article which will be my final article as the 2012 Art of Asana columnist. it has been a great opportunity for me to write and to work with the great editorial staff on that magazine. And who know, you could actually get paid to write about yoga postures? Anyway, I got my rough draft done which means the next step is the editor's and then back to me and then back to her and so on and so on. Good times. Always something to learn about getting ideas into words and onto paper. What a craft.

Also, we are about to close registration on the Upcoming Intensive in San Marcos with me, Darren Rhodes and Mary Young. We have maybe 2 spots open, depending on who confirms their registration with me and/or lays their money on the table in the next few days. I am so excited about this program. Darren, who hardly ever gets on a plane to teach anymore,   is coming to teach with me in Texas which is so fun since so many of the dreams of School of Yoga- San Marcos were born in the intensive programs we taught together in Arizona. And Mary has been teaching and traveling throughout Europe this summer and will join us to facilitate a very unique  synthesis of mythology, spiritual growth and personal inquiry. I am totally psyched. It is a very unique program. 

I have been thinking a lot about intensives and how they differ from a regular workshop. First of all, in my world view, an intensive is, as the name implies, a bit intense. Different from the "buffet style" approach to workshops, where the student can pick and chose among the different sessions, the intensive format asks the teachers and the students to commit to a full course of study together. Everyone begins and ends together, which makes for a progressive and unified experience both as a presenter and as a participant. Now, I get it that for  the average weekend workshop, it is not always possible for everyone to do the whole thing and I this is not to criticize anyone who make it to one session and not the whole thing. I also understand that not every session in a weekend is appropriate for every student and I have no problem with that. Some is always better than none. I am simply saying that an intensive asks for a major commitment to a process which increases the likelihood that what we 
receive from the process- due to our increased commitment--is more major.

I learned a lot of yoga in this format and so I am really excited to be steering my teaching work more and more in this direction. You will see most of the programs in San Marcos offered this way as well as a great Intensive offered this winter in Philadelphia at Dhyana Yoga and this spring in St. Louis at Southtown Yoga.  Keep your eyes out for other offerings.  

These days I am all about exploring new ways to offer the teachings that create sane, grounded and profound experiences. From intensives to webinars, I am looking to harvest the best of what I have always done and craft some new avenues of expression that might better serve. It's a very fertile time, that is for sure.  

For those of you looking ahead into September I wanted to give you a head's up about the Sequencing Webinar that I have planned. Part 1 was a great success and so we are moving ahead with part 2, by popular demand (and because I had so much fun "talking poses" once a week.) If you didn't do Part 1, you can do it by recording and still join in for Part 2. All the sessions are recorded so live attendance is not mandatory. 

Sequencing Strategies, Part Two: A Webinar Series with Christina Sell

Dates- Tuesdays, September 4- October 9
Time- 10:00-11:00 am Central
Tuition- $150

Prerequisite- Since Sequencing Strategies Part 2 builds progressively on concepts explored in Part 1, completion of Sequencing Strategies Part One- Pinnacle Poses is required.
Part 1 was recorded in its entirety and can be purchased by clicking here- (http://www.instantpresenter.com/AccountManager/RegEv.aspx?PIID=EA58DC86874F 

Or for information about the sequencing webinar Part 1, please contact Christina Sell directly at christinasell108@gmail.com.

  • All session are recorded live and recordings are available for listening later. 
  • Live attendance is not required or necessary. 
  • The recordings will be available for at least 90 days following the completion of the webinar. 
  • Unfortunately, the recordings are not downloadable.

Course Description:

Sequencing Strategies Part Two will work with a basic template of 20 Level 1 postures and explore how to take the basic potpourri template and expand them into several different classes for different levels.

We will explore how one sequence can give birth to an endless variety of presentations by looking deeper at the lineage of postures through the repetition of shape and key actions.

We will explore the presentation of the sequences in greater detail in Part 2 by touching on key teaching methodologies needed to bring intelligent sequencing to life in inspiring and dynamic ways such as: personal presence, active command language, the concsious use of metaphor and themes, integrating alignment into vinaysa-style classes, how to offer compelling demonstrations, how to provide modifications though progressive presentation of asana and much more.

Students will have access of an online discussion group to ask Christina questions and to share ideas, insights and wisdom throughout the course.

Students will receive a handout/workbook designed to help them integrate the material covered in the course.

Students will receive homework assignments to deepen their learning and to explore the concepts presented in the webinar in their personal teaching circumstances. Every effort will be made to help people bring these teachings to life authentically and effectively.

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