Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yoga of Shifting

So I have been home fighting a stomach bug of some kind. I think I have mostly been winning but I had to fight lying on the couch most of the day, so I think a case could also be made that the bug kicked my ass a little bit. All perspective, I suppose, like so many things.

So here I am enjoying my first real food in a few days and getting ready to go to Chicago this weekend and then to Australia and then to Singapore. All in all, we will be gone for a month, which is a pretty big trip to pack for from the couch! Anyway, I think I am almost ready.

I also managed to get off the couch yesterday with enough energy to teach the last session of my sequencing webinar which went very well.  I am so pleased with the online forum for teaching as it allows for so many people to access a class and for me to prepare a lesson and deliver it in what feels to me a very effective and focused way. I am planning to do a follow up course-- "Sequencing Strategies Part 2" for the folks who completed this course, so stay tuned for that. (Of course, if you want to do Part 2 and you didn't do Part 1, its not too late to sign up for the course.  Click here and you can register for the course and then join us for Part 2 sometime in late August.

Another exciting program I am offering is a webinar with me and Elena

The Yoga of Shifting: Inner Work for Yoga Practitioners and Teachers
 A Webinar Series with Elena Brower and Christina Sell
"What I found is that I wanted more, I wanted to know how to feel as amazing in my house as I’d felt on my mat. As expansive, as calm, as beautiful, as connected, as real. I couldn’t link my behavior at home to my composure in my practice, and I needed other ways to learn how to be more remarkable as a Mama, an ex-wife, a girlfriend, and most importantly these days, a daughter. My practice was giving me feelings of fulfillment but they didn’t last, and I was still going home and acting out of alignment with my yoga, which was getting painful.
So I sought out coaching, other styles of yoga, other voices, other visions, quietly, over time. And in that process, while I found more rules, I also found more freedom. Through coaching I’ve found that I can finally look at my behaviors head-on, and not flinch, but instead, HANDLE them. Talk about them. Apologize for them instead of being too proud to address them. And then – most importantly – SHIFT THEM. I’m proud of that most of all."  -Elena Brower
Join Christina Sell and Elena Brower for a thought-provoking, inspiring and perhaps life-changing webinar designed to help you shift self-defeating patterns of thought, feeling and behavior. Perfect for yoga practitioners of all levels and experiences who want to learn practical ways to bridge the gap between the peace and clarity they feel on their mats and the way they experience themselves off the mat. Both known for their commitment to the inner work of yoga, their passion for conscious living and their down-to-earth teaching styles, Elena and Christina will share directly from their own experience and training and encourage participants to step boldly into a more authentic  relationship with themselves and the people in their lives through journal assignments, visualizations, weekly assignments, and will speak directly about how to use asana practice to facilitate and  stabilize one's inner work. 
All sessions will be recorded and available for download so it is not necessary to attend the sessions live. We will create an online forum for community sharing and connection between sessions.
Dates: August 1, 8, 15, & 22, 2012
Time: 3pm EST
Tuition: $100.

Week #1- ACKNOWLEDGE: Waking Up to Growth and Change: Moments of Clarity
Week #2- HANDLE: Secrets, Shame and the Light of Truth 
Week #3- OWN:Ending the Blame Game
Week #4- SHIFT: Forgiveness, Compassion and Self-Love

To register: Click Here.

All in all, it's been very full year for me and in the last few intensives I have given myself a lot of time to reflect on my own direction for the future. One thing I want to do is to move more of my trainings and intensives to my training center in San Marcos, TX and to offer more online programs. (I just cleared the upcoming programs at School of Yoga- San Marcos to be able to offer continuing education credit with Yoga Alliance, so that is an exciting thing. ) I was thinking recently that I moved to Austin over six years ago and have been traveling almost non-stop for the last five years. Teaching on the road has been exhilarating and exciting and full of adventure and now I am feeling a deep pull to be more grounded and stable in my work. I still want to travel some (so please keep inviting me as this is not an all-or-nothing kind of thing by any means) but I also want to grow some roots and to be home more than I have been these last few years and strike a more functional balance in my life. 

My vision about School of Yoga-San Marcos continues to inspire me and the few intensives and trainings I have offered there these last few months have been so great. To be in a close-knit learning community, in a non-urban setting where we can practice and explore the teachings without so much fanfare but with depth, sanity and stillness is really at the heart of where I want to take my teaching right now.  The thing is that I feel a bit tired from the "big road show of yoga" where everything has to be bigger and louder to be better. I want to contribute to the conversation in a different way where sanity is the order of the day, where celebration is balanced with introspection and where play meets it mate in rigor and discipline. It may not be the most popular game in town, but who knows, it might be just the thing that some are looking for and at the end of the day, as teachers, teaching the people who want to learn what we have to teach is generally the best strategy.

All right, more on this later. Speaking of travel, next post will be from the road!


Daniela Wiesenaecker said...

Lucky students of Austin! :-)
Have you thought about recording your trainings, intensives and regular classes that you are going to teach in Austin? Kind of like a "Christina Glo" - like a yoga glo that has more recordings from you on a regular basis. For students around the world who would like you to be their main teacher on an every day basis. I'd be the first one to sign up for that! <3

Christina Sell said...

How awesome! We are definitely exploring more ways to use technology to bring us all together when we can't be together in person!