Monday, April 9, 2012

A way to connect

Ever since we started Shravana School of Yoga the three of us have been inundated with requests for ways to get involved and to step into some training with us. Noah and I decided to create a short webinar program to introduce people to some of our basic ideas and practices and to keep the conversation alive. Please join us for this 4-part series designed for teachers and students of all traditions who want to learn, grow and go deeper into the heart of their yoga practice. 

Live the Light of Yoga: Path of Practice Essentials
A Shravana School of Yoga Webinar with Christina Sell and Noah Maze
Tuition: $100
May 8, May 9, May 10 & May 11
7:30 pm Central Time
To register--
This 4-part webinar is perfect for yoga students and teachers from any yoga system or tradition who want to deepen their yoga practice through mantra, ritual, inner work and meaningful conversation. The course, modeled after the Shravana Path of Practice Intensives is designed to help students clarify their spiritual aims and is a great opportunity to learn about the Shravana School of Yoga's vision and mission with two of its founding members, Christina Sell and Noah Maze. 

Known for their clarity, passion and commitment to transformational educational experiences, Noah and Christina, along with Darren Rhodes founded the Shravana School of Yoga in January 2012 as a way to bring traditional teachings to modern life through creative, innovate and experiential programming. In this course, Christina and Noah will facilitate  4  hour-long discussions designed to provide an opportunity for people everywhere  to share in the light of the teachings and in  the joy of the practice. 
All sessions will be recorded live and will be available for download to registered students so it is not necessary to be present for the live presentation.
Course Outline:
 Session #1- High Vision and Clear Aim - What is your Highest Vision? How can aim serve to expand your possibilities rather than limit them? How does knowing why you stand for assist you in your spiritual journey?

Session #2--The Power of Ritual- Mantras, Puja and Conscious Acts of Devotion- Learn a simple puja ceremony along with four traditional mantras that will help you invoke your spiritual intentions and innate power.

 Session #3- The Spiritual Experience of Being Fully Human- Learn simple, effective tools based for integrating the  physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of who you are. Come into a deeper understanding of who you are and how to live with greater acceptance and clarity for you and your needs.

 Session #4- Developing and Deepening your Personal Practice- How many times have you heard that you should "take your yoga off your mat" and yet wondered about how best to do that in the midst of your busy life? This session explores how to bring yoga principles into your life and will help you open your heart and mind to a fuller, richer and more meaningful life of practice.


rahul khan said...

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Christina Sell said...

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