Thursday, September 15, 2011


Sequence from last night's group practice.

theme: FUNdamentals- having fun with the basics
sub theme: small agonies in service to a greater fun and freedom)
alignment emphasis: root to rise; get in the legs to stretch and free the spine
Heart theme- commit to the here and anchor yourself. 
relevance: first requirement for having fun is to be present. best way to work against fun is to wish you were somewhere else. (therefore commit to the moment and anchor yourself in it.)
Additional info you need to know: make sure the room is warm if you really want to mimic last night's class. it was a sweatfest. Oh, and when the energy gets a bit low after the serious standing poses, tell some jokes and funny stories.

childs pose
down dog

surya A-5X
Surya B-5X

handstand- 4 minutes
pinca mayurasana- 4 minutes

1:10 timings with back foot at the wall; the extra 10 seconds allows for transition time; no chatarangas or any vinyasa between just hold the pose, come up and switch sides efficiently.)

vira 2
ardha chandrasana
ardha chandra chapasana
parivritta parsvakonasana
parivritta trikonasana
reversed revolved vira 2
parivritta ardha chandrasana
parivritta ardha chandra chapasana

virasana- 2 minutes
supta virasana- 2 minutes

shalabasana with knees bent shins vertical
parsva danurasana

eka pada rajakpotasana prep
eka pada rajakapotasana prep with thigh stretch
eka pada raja kapotasana prep
eka pada raja kapotasana with thigh stretch

1 minute timings: (1 minute in the pose, 1 minute rest between)
urdhva danurasana X5
dwi pada viparita dandasana, head up X5
eka pada urdhva danurasana X2
eka pada viparita dandasana

supta padangusthasana variation
down dog
childs pose
baddha konasana
janu sirsasana
adho muka parsva vajrasana

viparita karani

have at it.

Enjoy. We did.


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You would have loved this practice for sure. Enjoy!

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hey nice one post.....this helped me alot to come out problem.!!
thanks alot.
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