Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Morning

Well, it was a busy weekend with no time to sit and write. I am behind on emails and I haven't written a blog entry in a week.  And I decided instead of chaining myself to the computer this morning that I would take a trip down to San Marcos to get some time in on the river. I am always happier when I get some time each week paddling. 

Plus The San Marcos School of Yoga has been getting a new coat of paint and I am excited to see how it looks now. I am getting really excited about the re-opening of the school. Sam and Anne will be offering some classes there this fall  and I am going to be offering more and more trainings there. Teacher Training 1 in December, Int/Adv Asana Intensive in March and Teacher Training 2 in April. And lots more to come so stay tuned. I am so thrilled to be able to offer high quality training in an intimate, community setting here in Texas. My vision is that many of you from all over the world will come and join us at these events and enjoy the simple, down-to-earth setting. So fun.

I had a very full weekend. Thursday night I taught a class at The Woodlands Anusara Yoga Studio . We had a great turnout with people from all over which was really fun. The studio used to be owned by certified teacher Vicki Beilharz who ran it for years. When I first moved to Texas she was the owner there and I taught a workshop there then. Vicki moved and the studio has passed through two more owners and was recently taken over by Anusara Yoga. It was so fun to be invited to teach there again, to see some old and new faces and to be part of the new wave of inspiration that is happening there, now that it is Anusara Yoga's studio, right down the road from the main office. We had great students, good times, and lots of learning together.  We also did a group practice on Friday morning which was a dynamic blend of vinyasas, pose analysis and explanation as well as some sermons and pep talks!

Skip back to yesterday's post and you can see some footage from the classes.

After lunch on Friday Kelly and I went to Friendswood, which is about an hour away on the other side of Houston from The Woodlands. Valerie is a good friend of mine and was the first person in texas to invite me to teach at their studio once I had moved here. She reached out to me with such love and acceptance and we have been close ever since. This is the fourth year I have gone to teach at  Sundance Yoga.  It is so fun to go somewhere every year around the same time because it provides such a touchstone for one's growth and development. Valerie is a very loving and nurturing person and teacher and her students are really great. I gave them a big dose of fire and passion which they seemed to receive well. We had four sessions together and covered some major territory inside and out.  Good stuff.

Kelly's working on a video now so we will get that up soon. 

I have lots on my mind and all kinds of insights percolating around that I cannot wait to get down on paper (or computer) but right now, the river is calling. If we don't get there early, all the tubers are in the rapids and we can't play.  

more soon.

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